Monday, November 1, 2010

I'm 2 months old!!

Our little guy is growing so fast. I don't just mean the time is going by fast, he is growing out of everything in his closest. He is grew out of newborn at 3/4 weeks, and out of 0-3 months by 5/6 weeks and now he's nearly out of 3-6 months. I started digging into his 6-9 months this week. I thought maybe it was the cloth diapers since they are a little more on the bulky side. I put on an emergency sposie and nope, he is just that big. He has his 2 month checkup on Wednesday and I'm going to guess he is close to 15 lbs(I weighed myself and then weighed myself holding him and the scale was showing around 15 lbs heavier.) I measured him and he is over 24"!!

I made him his 2 month onesie a couple weeks ago. At that time it was too big for him so I thought, "No problem should be perfect by 2 months." Boy was I wrong! Nolan said he looks like he's wearing a muscle shirt, lol. I just love his poses in these pictures.

Parker is doing amazing. He is a very intense little guy. When you see him watching things it looks like he is taking it apart and putting it back together in his head. He will stare at different things for long periods of time till he has satisfied whatever mental processes he is going through.

We picked up some sign language videos for him to watch, though the TV is not in the least bit interesting to him. Instead I have been watching them when he naps so I can learn some signs and I use them when I talk to him.

Milestones this month:

1st time at church
1st time sick :(
1st Halloween
1st big open mouth smile 10/27/10

What is he doing?:

He can follow objects very well.
He follows my voice.
He tries to grabs things like toys, my hair, my face.
He can hold his head up very well, only a little wobble.
His big thing is kicking, he loves to feel things with his feet. If you put something he likes near his feet, he will kick it repeatedly and get really excited.
He coos a little bit says goo and ooo though he mostly yells at us, it's quite cute.
He sleeps pretty good at night. He goes to sleep around 8 or 830 and wakes up around 7. He will usually wake up two times in the night to nurse but with my insomnia it doesn't bother me at all.

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