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Memories, Dreams and Reflections 2012

I participated in MDR for the first time last year, and I loved it!  I was a little bummed at first, as I didn't think I would be able to participate this year with the whole relocation to another country, but we have a lot of down time and my only outlet right now is blogging. This is definitely something I want to keep up with each year.
I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I do!
1. Me 
Photobucket There certainly wasn't a shortage of pictures of me this year. With all the belly progression photos, family photos and such. For once, I didn't struggle with this.

2. I love youPhotobucket
Without question, these kids are my world!

3. Still laughing!
Parker is such a hoot! He went from being a pretty shy and reserved, to being so funny and outgoing.

4. Winter Wonderland
I didn't take this picture, but I had to use it for this prompt. It was actually taken by E.Ulloa photography. When I think of Winter, I think of Christmas and then Santa.

5. Birthday Photobucket
Well, as most of you already know, Eliana was born on Oct, 11th, 2012. She has a pretty cool birthday. After spending a month in the hospital on bedrest, she made her debut a few days after I was released, and a day shy of 37 weeks.

6. Friends PhotobucketI had a different series of pictures on mind for this prompt. Unfortunately, they are located on our desktop which is unavailable right now. These still show some very important people in our lives.

7. I Was Inspired
PhotobucketI was inspired during the pregnancy to completely re-do Parker's room. Since he is sharing his room with Eliana, not only did it have to be a room to accomodate both a toddler and baby, but it also had to be relatively gender neutral.

8. Spring Fever

This past spring we had just announced to the world that we were expecting baby#3. It feels like it was the only yesterday that we were telling our parents the happy news.
9. Travel or Vacation
We were able to take a small vacation to Idaho for my sister in laws wedding. One of the days we took Nessa fishing. I think she had a blast, I know the rest of us did.

10. Summer Days  
When I think of the summer, I think of long days spent swimming in the pool. Living in AZ, you either stay indoors, travel to cooler weather or go swimming.

11. A Day in My Life
I love this series of pictures. It is very close to all the faces I see on a daily basis. Unfortunately, with our move to Montreal we won't see my parents, in person, as much, but with all the technology we have, speaking to them each day is something we will make sure happens.

12. All Smiles
Eliana first smiled at me around 5 weeks. I was able to capture these first smiles on camera a few days later. Now, she smiles all the time.

13. Autumn Harvest
First picture of our complete family. I'm so happy.

14. Family or Home 
Love this picture of our family.

15. Celebrate  
Parker turned 2 on August 31st. We celebrated his birthday in a pirate theme. He had such a blast!

16/17.Let's Do It Again/I miss you

I had to combine the next two prompts using this picture. This is my absolute favorite family photo. I hope we can get a photo like this again next year. Due to our move to Montreal, I miss my parents.

18. Beautiful
  PhotobucketMy two girls are absolutely beautiful and I don't think it's because I'm biased. When Vanessa was born with blue eyes, I was always told they would change brown and they never did. I would never guess that I would have two kids with blue eyes. That norwegian/swedish gene is sure evident in the girls.  
19. Dress Up
We were really excited to trick or treat with the kids this year. We lived in such a beautiful area, lots of young families. Little did we know that a lot of people actually drove to this area to trick or treat. It was packed!! Lines to get to the door's. They barely gave out any candy because of all the people. Lots of places ran out of candy within the first hour.

20. Macro
Eliana's hair was so light and she was born with much less than Parker or Vanessa. I think she might have a little curl to her hair too. I made sure to take pictures of all these features when she was first born. It is a little sad to think she is our last, but our amazing family is complete.

21. Holidays
Parker is known for not looking or smiling at the camera. This also wasn't taken by me, but I had to use it. I love this photo! Taken by E.Ulloa photography.

22. My Favorite 
This was definitely a tough one for me. I don't have just one favorite picture, I love all the pictures I take. I think what makes this one stand out for me is my husbands expression, the look of unconditional love for his child. The love my husband has for our kids make me love him more and more everyday.
23. Don't Ever Change
Just stay little...

24. Just Because
Sometimes, I feel the best photos are taken spur of the moment. You see that the lighting is great, the kids are happy or they are doing something super cute. You just hope, with everything, that your camera is close enough to capture the picture before it all changes.

25. Hopes and Dreams
This was a tough day, we had to say goodbye to a home we intended to live in for a long time. We had to say goodbye to friends and family that we practically grew up with. We now have a new direction for our family. A chance to grew up in a completely different country and culture. New dreams for our kids. It's exciting and I pray that this is a good step for us.

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