Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Eliana is 9 months old!!

I'm about a week and a half late getting her monthly birthday post updated! It's here though :)

Current stats: 

Weight: 18lbs 4oz (25-50th percentile) 
 Height:  27.25" long (25th-50th percentile) 
Clothing size: Wears 9mo & 6-12 months
 Shoe size: size 4 or 12-18 months 

 photo 9monthsold_zps7de6faec.jpg

 photo 9monthsold5_zpsa836f309.jpg

At 9 months;

...stands without support
...can stand up without pulling up on furniture/toys
...she took two steps when she wasn't paying attention, but hasn't done it since so I'm not counting that. 

 photo Eliana9monthsold4_zpsb7c6ea4b.jpg 

 photo 9monthsold2_zps6ed2f473.jpg

...has 6 teeth total. 4 are very visible as of this morning. 2 more are still barely poking out of the gums. (4 on top, 2 on bottom)
...because of said teeth and possibly a growth spurt, lil' miss is having some MAJOR sleep regression. She sleeps worse than when she was a newborn. It's not that she is wide awake wanting to play around. She is wanting to nurse all-night-long. Needless to say, I'm pretty exhausted.

 photo Eliana9monthsold7_zps8c25376d.jpg 

...she is still the happiest baby ever!! Sure we have bouts of grumpiness, but it's amazing how this lil' miss can smile through the tears. 
...I'm almost positive she says parpar or baba for her brother. When she gets excited to play with him she babbles these sounds. 
...she is so in love with her sister and brother. She always wants to play with them. She gets excited when she sees them. 

 photo 9monthsold3_zps38a93ee9.jpg

 photo 9monthsold6_zps0a172a0a.jpg

...loves the kitty. Poor Picasso now has two sets of hands trying to pull of his tail.  
...loves to swim! We have free passes to the pool just around the corner from our house and she absolutely loves the water. 

 photo 9monthsold4_zps9c26e788.jpg

Counting down another wonderful, wonderful month! Happy 9 months my lil' princess.

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