Saturday, May 15, 2010

20 weeks, we are half way there :)

How far along: 20 weeks 1 day(going by 10/3 edd)
Weight gain: 8 pounds
Stretch marks: No changes
Symptoms: I'm actually feeling pretty good, get tired a little faster each day and I definately have a hearty appetite but, other than that I'm good.
Sleep: I'm still tossing and turning at night, my dreams are getting worse and my back is killing me in my sleep. I think we need a new mattress.
Best Moment this Week: Parker is moving so much, it's so comforting everyday to feel him kicking me.
Food Cravings: Everything? I'm hungry almost all the time but I'm being good and eating healthy :)
Labor Signs: BH only
Belly Button in or out?: In
Wedding rings on or off?: On but getting tighter
Movement: Lot's of movement
Milestones: We are at the half way point :D

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