Monday, September 16, 2013

Eliana is 11 months old!

We missed a monthly update! :( August was a crazy busy month. Parker turned 3, school started for Vanessa, in laws were in town visiting and a scary trip to the ER.
 photo 11monthsold4_zpsafad1a5b.jpg
Current stats: 

Weight: 19lbs 2oz (25th percentile) 
 Height:  27.50" long (10th-25th percentile) 
Clothing size: Wears 9mo & 6-12 months
 Shoe size: doesn't like wearing them, but she fits in a size 4 or 12-18 months 
At 11 months Eliana;

...took her first steps at exactly 10 months (8.11.13)
...started walking officially on 9.1.2013
... has 6 teeth, no new teeth since around 9 months old
...still barely eats any sort of solid foods. We offer her food at meal times, but she eats only a few bites.
  photo 11monthsold1_zps8c504cd6.jpg
...her hair is starting to grow in thick. It's hard to tell, but it looks like it might have a little curl to it. 
...her eyes are starting to shift to more of a blue/green color. She has this beautiful brown band in her eye color too. 
...walking has made her so much more independent. It's a nice break for me during the day because Parker and Eliana play so great together. As long as Eliana doesn't try to touch Parker's trains, lol.
 photo 11monthsold3_zps9728574a.jpg
 ...she talks a lot too! She mimics her brother at all times. Sometimes, especially dinner time, that can be slightly frustrating. 
...says; "mama," "dada," "Parpa(Parker)," "sisa (sister or Vanessa)" and "kitty,"

We are working on getting her birthday party together. Her theme will be, "Milk and Cookies." I'm obviously more excited about it than her, but it will be fun. How has it almost been a year already?

We love you so much little miss! Happy 11 months :)

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