Thursday, October 11, 2012

Designing a shared room: It's finished!

Well, I'm happy to announce that Parker and Eliana's room is pretty much finished. I have a couple other pictures to hang on the walls(Eliana and Parker's newborn photo's), and we are still deciding on the curtains for the other 2 windows, but other than that it's done!

With being in the hospital for so long and on bed rest at home prior to that, I didn't think it would ever get completed. I've been busy since I've been home and made the last push to get the final touches in place.

If you want to read the other posts related to this project, I will link them here.

Inspiration post

Painting the room


The view as you look in from the bedroom door. The bunting/flags are made from felt. I actually used these for Parker's birthday party as well. The cradle I thrifted for $10. I'm so excited to use it to take some newborn pictures.


A peek inside Parker's tent bed. We added a little hook at the top to tie the Hungry Caterpillar mobile. Everything to make this tent, except the Hungry Caterpillar fabric, I bought from a thrift store. The tent is made from 2 queen sheets, the doors are made from a sheer curtain. The pillow that Parker lays on was also made from heavy duty velvet curtains and the stuffing was made from tons and tons of scrap minky fabric I had been keeping. I spent a total of $20 in materials to make the tent bed.  


The curtains were cheap curtains I purchased from Walmart, and I added a border of Hungry Caterpillar fabric to the bottom and made also made some matching curtain ties.


The shelf was also thrifted for a couple dollars. I spray painted the shelf and because the other hooks that were on the shelf were broken, I removed them and put on some hooks I already had from Parker's room. 


We will be adding some curtains to this window as soon as I can pick them up. The newborn photos will be hung on the empty wall on the left.


The mobile was made using the tutorial found here.
I made a few changes to the design. Instead of wrapping the embroidery hoop with twine, I used some sticky ribbon that I had from scrap booking. I also used some vintage lace ribbon to hang each piece, that I found at the thrift store instead of using the twine.


The crib bedding is from Pottery Barn, which I bought at a consignment shop. Since I was purging a lot of Parker's toys and clothes he'd outgrown, I didn't pay any cash for the entire bedding set.


All the frames on this wall were thrifted. The letters I bought from Michaels and just spray painted them. I have a couple more pictures to add to this collage wall, but I haven't found any frames at the thrift store that I like yet. 


Here is a before and after picture of the room taken from roughly the same angle.

And that is it! Thanks to so many inspirational ideas from Pinterest, I think the room turned out amazing. Could not have done it without Pinterest.

Now, the waiting game begins for Eliana's arrival.


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