Thursday, February 21, 2013

Eliana is 4 months old!

I'm hoping this will be the last crazy month for a little while. We moved into our new place and Vanessa started at her new school this past Monday, and of course another month FLEW by! Our little miss is now four months old. She has such a fun personality coming out.

 photo 4monthsold_zps91455946.jpg

 photo 4monthsold10_zps9b466eed.jpg

Current stats:
Weight: approx 14lbs (25-50th percentile)
  Height: approx 26" long (90-95th percentile)
Clothing size: Wears 3-6mo and 6-12 month,
especially pants in the bigger size.
Diapers: She has pretty much outgrown her newborn cloth diapers(more because of her length). 
I have put them on her a few more times when I run low on the larger size cloth diapers. 

 photo 4monthsold11_zps102b1d3d.jpg
 photo 4monthsold5_zpsdf157166.jpg

Eliana @ 4 months...
...loves cuddling with her mama. Which translates into that she doesn't like being put down very much, lol. She also doesn't like to be held by anyone else for very long. 
...doesn't like mommy leaving the room. She watches me anytime I move around to see if I'm going to be out of her line of sight. If that happens I have a shrilling little girl until I come back into her line of sight.  
...loves playing in the "johnny jump-up," (the bouncy chair that hangs from the door frame.) I know this baby item is controversial, but I can't complain when she jumps and laughs while in it. Of course, I don't let her sit in it for hours. She can only tolerate maybe 20 minutes. 
 photo 4monthsold3_zps41099408.jpg

 photo 4monthsold8_zps306b01b9.jpg

...chews on EVERYTHING! I don't know if a tooth is coming soon, but she chews/gnaws on anything that can make it to her mouth. 
...loves sitting in the Bumbo seat. Again, another controversial baby item, but Eliana loves it. getting better as sitting on her own. She will still "tripod" sit (using hands to hold herself up,) but she will go a few seconds upright. 

 photo 4monthsold9_zpsc82eb0af.jpg
 photo 4monthsold6_zpsd1de482b.jpg
...rolls both ways but, prefers to still not be on her stomach or on the ground at all for that matter. Might have to do with hardwood floors, but I do put a lot of padding under her.I think she likes to see what is going on with either sitting or being held.

...we fed her rice cereal for the first time on Sunday, Feb 17th. She has a big interest in food. She is very similar to how Vanessa was when she was this age. She only has rice cereal every couple days and only about a tablespoon, but she loves it! still not sleeping completely through the night. She never wakes fully, just nudges me and whimpers to nurse. I think that this will stop happening when we are able to put her in her crib next to the bed at night. We are waiting for Parker's new bunk beds to arrive, so he is sleeping in the crib right now. She goes to bed at 9p and is up for the day between 6:30-7:30am. 

 photo 4monthsold2_zps907e7cbd.jpg
 photo 4monthsold4_zpsac72fa4c.jpg
...discovered her feet. She is so stinking cute when she is playing with her feet. She usually does when she is sitting in her bouncy chair. She kicks toys on her arches with her feet and tries to grab toys with them. 
...she can bear weight on her legs and can even do this on her own...with a little help from leaning on the couch. It's cute to see something so little standing, sort of.  
 photo 4monthsold13_zps67bf03f1.jpg

 photo 4monthsold7_zpsfd4d09b1.jpg
We have had yet another amazing month with miss Ellie. Happy 4 months, we love you baby girl!!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!!

It's a bit belated, but I want to wish all our family and friends a Happy Valentine's Day from Montreal!! I didn't want those that aren't on Facebook to miss out on these super cute pictures of the girls. Parker wasn't in the mood for pictures, so you'll just be seeing the girls.

 photo Eliana21413_3_zps2dfd33c8.jpg

Two beautiful blue eyed angels!! Love these girls =)

 photo Eliana21413zoomed_zpsaeadf4d3.jpg

I'm also a little late posting an update of Eliana, but that is coming in the next couple days. Don't forget to check back for that.

 photo Eliana21413_2_zps75ec0acf.jpg
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