Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mama Memoirs: Public Transportation

When Nolan received the news that his company was closing their Phoenix location, and they wanted to relocate Nolan to Montreal, we both just knew it was something we wanted to do. We then had to make choices on what we could live with and without when we moved, due to the increased cost of living in Montreal. One of the decisions we made was to sell both our vehicles. It was weird to think about not driving a car, as I have driven and owned a vehicle since I was 16 years old and there were very few times periods that I went without driving. We now, however, rely 100% on public transportation, our legs...and on RARE occasions, a taxi, LOL!

 photo IMG_0444_zps9830a50f.jpg

 photo IMG_0932_zps5c703ebc.jpg We moved to Montreal in January. Luckily, at first, we were right downtown and next to where Nolan was working. That was nice...sort of "eased" us into getting around the city. I had a little bit of anxiety, and all the worst-case-scenarios went through my head about getting on the metro the first time. A fire, an accident, a thug would come behind me and push me...the world would come to an end and I would be stuck in there. No joke, lol. I stood quite a ways back from the edge of the platform for a while. It's different now, I love riding the metro and using the buses to get around.

  photo IMG_0954_zps4dd7de66.jpg There has only been one or two extremely frustrating times while using public transport here, but that is it...a couple of times! I can't tell you how many times I would get stressed while driving a car. Add to that the fact that our cars seemed to always break down and in the back seat sat a hormonal teenager, an upset two year old and a screaming baby. Oh, and a husband that was "directionally challenged." Needless to say, I was...well, I loathed driving near the end. 

 photo IMG_0914_zpsdcfaf299.jpg There is something about using public transport, or just plain walking, that makes me feel accomplished. All the walking is making me a healthier person. Eliana is usually sitting in the carrier on my chest or back, so I'm getting a dang good work out. Parker LOVES riding on the buses and the metro. Vanessa is learning to navigate the transit to get to school and back and I think it gives her a little independence.

 photo IMG_0612_zps3452abd0.jpg
We save by not paying for gas, car insurance or car maintenance. We figured that to be at least $200-300 a month. Plus, at the time we were still paying off one car so that is an additional $250 per month. We also save money on groceries, as most of the time we have to carry home what we buy...

edit: Okay, I have a confession...we don't save on groceries because we are a milk loving family. In Montreal milk is very expensive, comes in tiny bags that seem to get drunk in one sitting and never goes on sale, EVER!!

 photo a04b0188-3b54-4504-a84a-8a15d00fc112_zpsb3daf715.jpg
I know this isn't the deepest of topics, but I'm so happy about all the changes we've made for our family. It has been so exciting for us out here. We are learning a new culture and a new way of life, with regards to transportation. It's nice to have a fresh start.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Eliana is 7 months old!

 Closer and closer we get to Eliana's first birthday. THAT is crazy to think about! 

  photo 7monthsupdated4_zpsdb8e5a7c.jpg

Current stats: 
Weight: 16lbs 9oz (25-50th percentile) 
Height: 26.4" long (25-50th percentile) 
Head circumference:  17.71" (25-50th percentile)
Clothing size: Wears 9mo & 6-12 month 
Shoe size: size 2

 photo 7monthsupdated5_zps724c0456.jpg

At 7 months Eliana, 

...has cut her FIRST tooth! The bottom left tooth in the front. The tooth actually broke the gums a couple days after she "officially" turned 7 months.
...crawls all over the place. Eliana actually does the "bear" crawl. 
...can pull herself to standing position.

 photo 7monthsoldround2_4_zps72a19148.jpg

...can stand holding on to things with only one hand. 
...she's learning to cruise around toys and furniture while standing.
...can return to sitting position from laying or standing. 
...says, "mama."
...reaches out for me to hold her.

 photo 7monthsoldround2_2_zps96a054c6.jpg

...not sure what color her eyes want to be. Some days they are blue other green or grey.
...her hair is a light reddish-brown, with the cutest little curl in the front. That section of hair has been curling like that since she was born. We comb and brush it and after a bit, will return back to a cute curl.

 photo 7monthsoldround2_5_zps3a0f6425.jpg

 photo 7monthsoldround2_1_zps36a73a3d.jpg

...still nursing pretty exclusively. We keep trying solids with her, but she still struggles with swallowing them. She gags and ends up spitting them back up.
...when she isn't playing on the floor, she spends the rest of her time in the baby carrier on my chest. I don't complain, this phase won't last long.

 photo 7monthsupdated_zpsaf717a7a.jpg

...she has a billion of the cutest faces! Amazing that a baby can smile so many different ways.

 photo 7monthsupdated8_zps02c008ff.jpg
She's growing up too fast...I'm so blessed that I can be a full-time mommy and not miss any of these moments with my kiddos.

Happy 7 months, lil' miss!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wittle People Wednesday: Dandelions!

Linking up with Ramblings and Photos for, "Wittle People Wednesday!"

 photo dandelionsupdated_zps1328c0c1.jpg
The weather has been unbelievably GORGEOUS! I'm experiencing seasons!! In AZ, you have hot and less hot. The park is so close it makes it real easy to get the kids out during the day to play.

 photo dandelionsupdated2_zps0c83b8bc.jpg
I was teaching Parker how to "make wishes" with the dandelions. He was trying so hard to blow the "puffers" off.

 photo dandelionsupdated3_zps96442bb6.jpg
It was a little windy that day, so most of the time the wind would blow them all off before he had the chance to.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wittle People Wednesday: Sewing for boys

Linking up with Ramblings and Photos  for, "Wittle People Wednesday!"

 photo Newshorts_zps1d70100a.jpg
It's starting to get warm here in Montreal and I realized that I had only 1 pair of shorts for Parker! I went to the store and clothing here in Montreal is much more expensive than in the states. On top of costs, most of the shorts have buttons/snaps and zippers and we are working on potty training Parker. I wasn't planning on making shorts, but I came across a cute pattern for cargo shorts. I was able to find the perfect fabric at the local fabric store and 2 yards of this fabric was less than what it cost for ONE pair of shorts at the stores.

 photo Newshorts3_zps3da6fadf.jpg

 photo Newshorts2_zps34ba27ed.jpg
 You can find this pattern at this ETSY shop. It was an instant download. Easy to read directions with pictures and quick to sew from start to finish. My favorite thing about these shorts is that they don't LOOK homemade. I don't know why, but I'm kinda picky about that.

 photo Newshorts6_zps1034ffaa.jpg
 Of course, boys will be boys...they didn't last 5 minutes before Parker decided he needed a sand bath. I was far less concerned because I didn't spend a fortune making them and I loved that he was having so much fun.

 photo Newshorts4_zps0e98a15c.jpg

Friday, May 3, 2013

Mama Memoirs: Sick Day?!?

I feel like I start ALL my blog posts with, "I'm a little late getting this posted, but..." Well, this post is no different. I pulled a muscle in my neck on Saturday afternoon and I've basically been in a lot of pain and unable to sleep, due to a stiff neck, for the past few days. Because of my injury this post will also be on the short side. 

Which brings me to my topic, where are my sick days?!?

  photo sickdays_zps0ac1419a.jpg

No one ever warns you, before motherhood, that no matter how sick or how hurt you are, you don't get to "call in sick" as a mom. To me, being sick and still being able to function as a mother, has been one of the toughest and more challenging things to face as a mom. My day doesn't change just because I'm sick. I still deal with dirty diapers, feeding kids, interacting with them and making sure my two year old isn't getting into trouble.

Oh, and as my doctor writes the prescription for my neck, she says with a smile, "You will get the best sleep you have had in months with this!" Though she neglected to mention that when I do wake up, it will feel like I was hit by a ton of bricks and that I smashed my head through a wall.

So, off I go to lay on the bed, cuddle with my 6 month old and let my two year old eat cookies and watch Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory for the 100th time.

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