Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wittle People Wednesday: Sewing for boys

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 photo Newshorts_zps1d70100a.jpg
It's starting to get warm here in Montreal and I realized that I had only 1 pair of shorts for Parker! I went to the store and clothing here in Montreal is much more expensive than in the states. On top of costs, most of the shorts have buttons/snaps and zippers and we are working on potty training Parker. I wasn't planning on making shorts, but I came across a cute pattern for cargo shorts. I was able to find the perfect fabric at the local fabric store and 2 yards of this fabric was less than what it cost for ONE pair of shorts at the stores.

 photo Newshorts3_zps3da6fadf.jpg

 photo Newshorts2_zps34ba27ed.jpg
 You can find this pattern at this ETSY shop. It was an instant download. Easy to read directions with pictures and quick to sew from start to finish. My favorite thing about these shorts is that they don't LOOK homemade. I don't know why, but I'm kinda picky about that.

 photo Newshorts6_zps1034ffaa.jpg
 Of course, boys will be boys...they didn't last 5 minutes before Parker decided he needed a sand bath. I was far less concerned because I didn't spend a fortune making them and I loved that he was having so much fun.

 photo Newshorts4_zps0e98a15c.jpg

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