Monday, July 26, 2010

30 weeks

213 days down and 67 days to go. Apparently that is 1,584 hours till delivery if I make it to midnight of my due date. It is getting so close, I don't want to rush it because I know once he is born I will blink my eyes and he will be 10 years old. I do hope he comes on the earlier side of my due date like my daughter did when she was born. It will be hard if I'm one of those women who goes to 42 weeks. Not to mention his size...probably would be closer to 10lbs based on current estimates.

I added a few others to this list;

How far along: 30 weeks
Weight gain: 28 lbs
Stretch marks: I have these tiny red marks on the side of my belly, he had flipped one evening from breech to birthing position and it was very uncomfortable and I woke up the next day and noticed them. The bad thing is he turned back to breech the next day.
OB Appointments Every 3 weeks still, may change after my next appointment. I will be almost 33 weeks at my next appointment.
Symptoms: Sciatica pain, insomnia, exhausted, major hot flashes, and nesting.
Sleep: Sleeping on my sides in miserable but I can't breathe when I sleep on my back and I was told that it's probably no longer healthy for me or the baby if I feel that way to sleep on my back. I wake up all night long sometimes to pee, sometimes because of a bad dream, and sometimes for no reason at all. Sleeping on my sides gives me horrible sciatica pain for some reason too.
Best Moment this Week: Well I mentioned he flipped from breech to birthing position one afternoon and then turned back the next day. I'm so determined to not have a c-section so I tried swimming again(this worked the first time) and what do you know he switched back to birthing again. He has been this position for a couple days now and hopefully he will make himself comfortable and stay that way.
Food Cravings: Hamburgers, peaches, and watermelon
Labor Signs: Had pre-term contractions about a month ago, taking Procardia to help stop those and also help with the heart symptoms from the hyperthyroid. Now all I have is some light BH contractions.
Belly Button in or out?: In
Feet Swelling?: No swelling really anywhere...yet
Wedding rings on or off?: Still on, I may make it to my due date and still be able to wear them.
Blood Pressure: Very good, never had very high blood pressure. Today at my cardiologist appointment it was 98/57
Still Working?: No, I haven't been working for about a month now, I'm not on Dr ordered bedrest but due to some of my other issues(pre-term contractions, and some thyroid issues) we decided it was best to stop working and not push myself so much.
Movement: He moves a lot, especially after eating watermelon. He also has the strongest hiccups.
Milestones: In the single digit weeks left till delivery...9weeks5days and I don't have gestational diabetes(I just recieved my results back)
When do you think you will deliver: 9/17/2010

Friday, July 16, 2010

Baby's Hiccups in the Womb

I was sitting and eating some blueberry muffins this morning...yum I might add ;) Parker had some major hiccups going on, it was so distracting. I haven't used the video feature on my camera before but I just had to try to get this on film. Unfortunately I couldn't hold my breath so you may see exaggerated stomach movements from me breathing. The important thing is to notice the little jumps my stomach makes...yes that is my little Parker! You have to watch carefully to see them but they are there. I put my ring on my belly to try to help see the movements, these are probably the strongest hiccups he's had yet and he gets them a lot. He is sitting breech and I set the ring on the the part where I think is his shoulder, his head sits a little bit above that.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

My new sewing studio....err bedroom

Well, it's official nesting has kicked in. Since I'm no longer working due to having some health issues I've had to find something to do with my time. I have been sewing since I was about 12 and started designing clothing when my daughter was about two. I use to sell at a local boutique in Scottsdale until the lady closed her doors. Lately I have only been sewing things for friends and relatives but I decided that since I will be staying home with our little one when he's born I should put my designs to use again.

The tough part is, our office became our nursery about a month ago. I had to move all my stuff out of and I have had my machines, supplies, and scrapbooking stuff strewn everywhere. The mess has been eating at me for weeks. This week, I finally organized it all. I know I'm suppose to be resting, but when you are pregnant and the nesting bug hits full force there is nothing stopping you. We are just lucky to have an over sized bedroom or there was no way I could have fit all this. I did have to give up part of my closet for my scrapbooking stuff, but I love how much more organized it looks.

I opened up and etsy page and the link is on the left of my blog. Not a lot is posted right now, but keep visiting.



Sunday, July 11, 2010

28 weeks 12 weeks to go....



It's amazing to think that in 9 weeks Parker will be full term! My due date is only 12 weeks away. I doubt my OB will let me go to my due date with how big he already is. We had an ultrasound this past friday and he is weighing in at 3lbs 2oz. WOW! At our 22 week ultrasound he was weighing 1 lb 3oz, so he basically tripled his weight in only 6 weeks. He is back to his breech position but we were able to get some great 3D pictures of his face.

I have finally finished shopping for all the larger baby items. I picked up this gorgeous Peg Perego Prima Pappa high chair for $18 at a garage sale down the street. I wasn't in the biggest hurry to find a high chair since I probably won't even use it till around 5 or 6 months but this was a deal I couldn't refuse. It was in excellent condition. I love when people take care of their furniture :)

I also have nearly finished the nursery, I still have the comforter to hang, and few other wall hangings, curtains to purchase, and a bookshelf to find. I have posted some pictures previously but here is an updated picture.


Saturday, July 3, 2010

27 Weeks!

Although it seems that this pregnancy has been long going. It's amazing to think that I'm in the last stretch of the pregnancy. I remember just the other day getting the positive pregnancy test. I was so nervous when I saw that second line, I took the test earlier than planned but I just couldn't help it. I remember getting up that Sunday morning and just saying, "What the heck, I will just take it and whatever happens, happens."

Sure enough the faintest pink link shows up. My hubby was still asleep and I just kept looking at this test. I'd say a good 30 minutes looking at the test at as many angles as I could turn it. Maybe I'm just seeing things. How can a test be positive only 9 days after I ovulated?!? I jumped into the bed and woke up hubby and told him that I think this is it. He rolled over and looked at the test and sure enough he could see it. I tried not to get too excited, we went through a positive test let down the cycle before.

I haven't really posted too much about what you go through emotionally when you receive two positive pregnancy tests just to start bleeding a few days later and be told by an nurse practitioner that you were never pregnant in the first place. Looking back, I know I was, especially when these pregnancy tests only give you a positive when you are producing the hormone over a certain amount. It was just not the right time in God's eyes, although I will always be sad for the little one that passed before we met.

This week has been crazy, tiring, frustrating, and stressful. I had been feeling and I still feel very off. On Wednesday I had this weird heart flutter thing happen. When it happened I couldn't breathe, talk, I felt faint and dizzy and probably would have fallen if I hadn't been sitting down. I just wanted to hit myself to get my heart to work right. It was really scary and odd. I called my OB not really thinking it was horrible but I was a little concerned and wanted to see if it was something to worry about. Well, she had me go see a cardiologist the next day. They said that it is probably SVT and could be caused by my thyroid but would have to run some more tests. These tests included me wearing a heart monitor for 48hours. Of course I felt palpitations, dizziness, faint, and short of breath during the whole 48 hours but not one flutter like I felt while working. So we will probably never get to the bottom of it, and I have this horrible itchy rash from the nodes they placed all over.

Onto Friday morning, I wake up at 3am and I'm having contractions. Not painful but pretty uncomfortable. So here is the pregnancy brain kicking in, I think that I'm possibly a little hungry. I get up and get some fruit and a glass of water. I'm watching TV and eating and thinking, wow these are really uncomfortable braxton hicks contractions. I start to feel cramping along with them, and my whole body is just aching. I try to lay back down in bed to no avail. So I wake up hubby and tell him what's going on. He calls L&D and they want me to come to the hospital to get checked out. Sure enough I was having contractions, they weren't strong and I wasn't dilating but was having quite a few. They gave me a shot to stop the contractions and within minutes the contractions stop. I go home and I'm told to rest for the next few days.

Do I get to rest the next few days? Not really, but I'm not complaining everyone, especially my OB, wants to figure out what is going on with me. My OB and cardiologist think maybe my thyroid is getting worse. Appointments get scheduled for endocrinologists and blood draws, echo cardiograms and ultrasounds. Not much rest is being had by me.
That has been my week, now I have to find a way to get a hold of my work who are closed through Monday and take more days off to rest and get to my appointments, and possibly not work anymore. Who knows?!? I'm just frustrated by it all, I want Parker to be healthy and so worried about him being born early. I'm also worried that something more serious is going on. What's worse is I'm still having more than usual contractions and I feel no better today than when this all started.
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