Friday, July 16, 2010

Baby's Hiccups in the Womb

I was sitting and eating some blueberry muffins this morning...yum I might add ;) Parker had some major hiccups going on, it was so distracting. I haven't used the video feature on my camera before but I just had to try to get this on film. Unfortunately I couldn't hold my breath so you may see exaggerated stomach movements from me breathing. The important thing is to notice the little jumps my stomach makes...yes that is my little Parker! You have to watch carefully to see them but they are there. I put my ring on my belly to try to help see the movements, these are probably the strongest hiccups he's had yet and he gets them a lot. He is sitting breech and I set the ring on the the part where I think is his shoulder, his head sits a little bit above that.

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