Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dreams Come True POTW (Week 8)

I was working on the Mei Tei carrier I made this week and Parker was fast asleep on the bed. I had the window open and the way the light hit him was amazing. He is so wonderful and 8 weeks have gone by and it's still surreal to me. His little hands and feet, his cheeks, his eyes, and his nose all so angelic. I took a bunch of pictures while he was sleeping and this one came out the best. Parker is a dream come true.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Food Goes Here!! POTW (Week 7)


This week has been a little tough. Parker is trying hard to feel better and has been pretty congested. All he has done is sleep and eat all week, so it was nice when we had some awake time with him this evening.
This is his "food goes here" pose. When he is hungry he always points to his mouth. More than likely this is totally random but it's pretty funny. So being that he has only wanted to eat during his waking times, this had to be the photo of the week.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Days Worth of Diapers

Yesterday I took pictures of every diaper change we did, so today I could blog about cloth diapers. Not only did we get some quality tummy time in, we took a lot of cute fluffy butt pictures.

I have quite a few family and friends that always ask about my cloth diapering. Some have tried and quit. Others, I think, are just curious. Well, if I can just sway one person into just trying out cloth with this post, I will be happy.

So the question always arises, "Why do I cloth diaper?" I cloth diaper for three main reasons:

The first reason is because it's less expensive in the long run. The initial cost can be more but you can slowly buy your stash over time if you start buying early in your pregnancy. There are swap boards where you can buy used diapers if you aren't opposed to used and you could add cloth diapers to baby registries.

The second reason I cloth diaper is the semi-hippie person in me. I want to reduce my carbon footprint.

The third reason is because cloth diapers are so much cuter! No matter what disposable diaper companies do to make their diapers look more appealing they can't compare with the millions of fabric possibilities that cloth diapers are made from.

Now sit back, relax and enjoy some pictures of our diaper stash!

Good morning! Diaper Change #1

This diaper is from a company named Bagshot Row Bamboo AKA BRSB

Paper, rock, scissors print

Diaper change #2

Another BRSB diaper

Camping print

Diaper change #3

This diaper is from a company called Goodmama. The first three diapers I have featured are called fitted diapers and require a waterproof cover. I used what is called a snappi fastener to secure them, but you can use traditional pins or some companies even provide snaps or velcro closure. I don't use a cover when I'm home since they are so absorbant and rarely leak but, we were leaving the house so the second picture shows a yellow diaper cover from a Swaddlebees.


Space print

Diaper Change #4

This diaper is from a company called Doodle Dypes. This diaper is called an AI2(all in two) which means that there is a waterproof layer built into the diaper and no waterproof cover is needed.

Doodle Dypes

Volkswagen Print

Diaper change #5

This diaper is from a company called Cutiepoops. This is called an AIO(all in one) and also has a hidden waterproof layer and doesn't require a waterproof cover. The only difference between an AI2 and an AIO is that the pads that soak the urine on and AI2 can be removed to wash and an AIO the soaker pads are built into the diaper and are usually unseen.


Route 66 Print

Diaper change #6

This diaper is actually a simple prefold diaper. I couldn't take a picture of just the prefold because the ones I have are too small to be snappied/pinned so I just lay them in the waterproof cover. The first picture is how I store them.

The prefold with a waterproof cover system is probably the least expensive route to go when cloth diapering. I paid only $2.00 per prefold and bought two dozen. Depending on how many days you want to do laundry you can buy more or less. I do laundry every other day. I will use a cover all day unless I get poo on it.

Here is the link to where I bought my prefolds although there are many other websites that sell prefold diapers.


Diaper change #7

This diaper I actually made myself before Parker was born, it's a simple pocket diaper which basically means there is a pocket in the diaper where you put stuff soakers in. I bought 2 packs of microfiber towels from Walmart and they work incredible and use one towel folded in thirds. So if you can sew there are numerous websites that offer free sewing patterns. This diaper would still require a waterproof cover.

I do plan on making more but having a newborn takes up most of your free time.

Here is the link to the pattern I used for this diaper

RRP Pocket Diaper

Diaper change #8

This diaper is made by Rockstar fluff and is another example of an AI2, no waterproof cover needed.

Rockstar Fluff

Mushroom Print

Diaper change #9

Last diaper change of the day is another example of a prefold and a waterproof cover. This cover is one of the more popular and my favorite. I have never had any leaks with these covers.


Thank you for visiting, please comment if you have any questions.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Automatic Sprinkler POTW (Week 6)


So why did I choose this photo for POTW(photo of the week)?

Well, after 3 days in a row of changing my shirt multiple times. Not to mention washing Parker after he managed to pee in his own face......twice! He was able to catch daddy by surprise 3 times during his hospital stay. His stream goes so far he peed on his basket of clean cloth diapers...yay for extra laundry(and yes I did move the basket...the second time he did this.)

This just had to be the photo of the week.

We do own pee pee tee pees but, the force of his pee just knocks them off.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

This says it all POTW (Week 5)

Since I take tons of photographs everyday, I decided to make a post each week of the photo that best captured Parker that week.

He is so stinking cute, his little personality is slowly starting to emerge!!!!

We had an unbelievable moment together this week. Parker sat in his boppy exploring the world with his eyes. I sat down next to him and he just looked at me studying me and it lasted for the longest time. I then smiled at him and kissed him all over and when I sat back up he gave me this look. His "kissy face" is what I called it. I melted and couldn't help but chuckle. I was so excited when he did the face a second time because I had my camera all ready.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Happy 1 month, my lil' Prince

To me holding Parker is still surreal, he's just so amazing and beautiful. I catch myself just watching him sleep. Listening to all the funny grunting, groaning, and squeaking noises he makes while sleeping. I'm in awe that I have been blessed once again with such a wonderful little being.

Milestones since our last post:

1. Had his circumcision
2. Watched his big sister cheer
3. Met his meemaw and pops(his paternal grandparents)
4. Took a "semi-long" road trip to Sedona
5. Working on holding his head up and doing a great job
6. He broke the double digits in his weight and is currently a whopping 10lbs 8oz
7. Met my Uncle Mark

Showing off my cloth diaper...

Loving my bali baby breeze wrap...

Yes, I'm breastfeeding in public at Chapel of the Holy Cross, Sedona AZ



Holding my head up and my new favorite toy!

Sleeping in with Daddy, mom needed a shower...

My family

Uncle Mark

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