Saturday, October 2, 2010

Happy 1 month, my lil' Prince

To me holding Parker is still surreal, he's just so amazing and beautiful. I catch myself just watching him sleep. Listening to all the funny grunting, groaning, and squeaking noises he makes while sleeping. I'm in awe that I have been blessed once again with such a wonderful little being.

Milestones since our last post:

1. Had his circumcision
2. Watched his big sister cheer
3. Met his meemaw and pops(his paternal grandparents)
4. Took a "semi-long" road trip to Sedona
5. Working on holding his head up and doing a great job
6. He broke the double digits in his weight and is currently a whopping 10lbs 8oz
7. Met my Uncle Mark

Showing off my cloth diaper...

Loving my bali baby breeze wrap...

Yes, I'm breastfeeding in public at Chapel of the Holy Cross, Sedona AZ



Holding my head up and my new favorite toy!

Sleeping in with Daddy, mom needed a shower...

My family

Uncle Mark

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