Sunday, December 27, 2009

December Completed Chart-2009

Keeping online chart for archive purposes


So I finally started my period this morning, one of the first times I have ever been happy to see AF.(Aunt Flo) This would be 15 days after my last Prometrium, a little long but my OB didn't seem to be worried. Now I will be able to chart my cycles and understand a little more what I'm looking for since I had some good practice this last cycle, even though I didn't ovulate.

I saw some wonderful temperature shifts this last month, almost textbook to what I would see depending on what hormone my body experiencing. I think the BBT alone will help me pin point ovulation. I originally started using just a regular thermometer and got to a point where my temperatures were flat. So mid-cycle I went and bought a BBT specific thermometer and was able to see the temperature changes more accurately.

The BBT I'm currently using is a cheap one from Walgreens and has worked wonderful thus far. Since the temperature shift during ovulation can be so small it's recommended to use a basal body thermometer instead of just a regular one since you have 2 digits to the right if the decimal. (The ovulation shift maybe as little as .1 or less of a degree and could be missed with a regular thermometer)

I also ordered some ovulation sticks which will help to confirm ovulation along with my charting. The ovulation sticks I purchased were through and were the babyhopes brand. They have their own website but were a better deal on Amazon. Very inexpensive since don't really want to spend a ton of money at this point and I have heard good reviews. Starting the 7th or so I will be keeping record of my ovulation sticks on my post.

So here's to a new month and in a few days a New Year!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Being Patient Is Hard!

It's going on my 11th day since I took my last Prometrium and no period has started. I left a message with my ObGyn and have yet to hear back as to why I haven't started my cycle and if I should just keep waiting or what her opinion is.
I have felt horrible the last few days, some weird cramping where I thought I was definately starting a period but nothing. I also have been feeling like the flu is coming on for the past few days and I'm so exhausted.

Keep me in your prayers that I don't get sick for Christmas.

My verse for the day:

Romans 12:12

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mid-Month Update

Well, I had another follow-up appointment with my OB...she told me nothing except when I started talking to her about fertility tracking such she didnt think I would ovulate until after my next cycle since I was on the prometrium. I guess the dose she gave me, (even though I already had my period this month) is suppose to trick your body into thinking you already ovulated and will cause another period 5-7 days after you stop taking it, some as soon as the day after they stop. That would have been useful information when she prescribed it to me. It's usually prescribed for women who don't have regular periods which I do every month, even if they do vary between 24-32 day cycles. She thought with the clotting I was experiencing this last month that this would help to reduce that. So I'm a little bummed.

I did my charting over the month anyhow, funny because I had some signs that I did ovulate such as the changes in my cervix, the fluid changes, and a noticeable temperature shift.
Again, since I'm so new to this it could have just been coincidence.

Yay for another period in a few days :'(

Friday, December 11, 2009

Online Charting

I found a very useful website that will help you chart your body indicators, it will also help you to recognize what your body is telling you about ovulation. It has been a good side by side to use with my book.

I attached a link to my specific chart:

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Clean bill of health

I went through a very uncomfortable and rather long Ultrasound exam today to make sure all my female parts are working correctly. Everything looks great and healthy, they were even able to tell me which ovary they suspect I will ovulate from this month (and only days away by the looks of it.)

I have started taking the recommended pre-natal vitamins and have almost finished taking the prometrium, thanks goodness! I swear that medication takes everything out of me, I feel like a zombie all day and it really made me depressed. I haven't noticed alot of the signs of ovulation based off the book but it's still my first month doing all this and may take some time to get to know what exactly I should be looking for.

Thank you God for giving me a clean bill of health =)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Here we go....

Well, its official Nolan and I are trying to have a baby.

**Just a Warning...these posts talk alot about female stuff**

This past month was a little rough. We talked about starting to try for a baby but didn't really finalize those thoughts however I missed my period by over a week. My periods if anything are early, not late. So we bought a couple of EPT Digital pregnancy tests. I took two of the tests and both said "pregnant"! We are thinking wow this happened fast and proceeded to tell some of our family. The next day I started to bleed and cramp, only light spotting at first so I called my OB and had her get me in the next morning. By the next day everything was much worse and we feared the worst. I get to the OB and she says that she thinks its an early miscarriage. She draws blood for tests and I'm to come back the next day. I went back and my OB told me that if I was pregnant it was no longer, the HcG hormone levels were too low for a pregnancy.

I did pick up a recommended book called "Honoring Our Cycle" by Katie Singer. Wow did I know little about myself. I do recommend anyone trying to conceive to pick this book up and try it out. I'm still a little confused about a few things but hope my OB will clear some of that up on Thursday. So this is our official kick off post :D

Wish us luck and lots of baby dust
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