Sunday, December 27, 2009


So I finally started my period this morning, one of the first times I have ever been happy to see AF.(Aunt Flo) This would be 15 days after my last Prometrium, a little long but my OB didn't seem to be worried. Now I will be able to chart my cycles and understand a little more what I'm looking for since I had some good practice this last cycle, even though I didn't ovulate.

I saw some wonderful temperature shifts this last month, almost textbook to what I would see depending on what hormone my body experiencing. I think the BBT alone will help me pin point ovulation. I originally started using just a regular thermometer and got to a point where my temperatures were flat. So mid-cycle I went and bought a BBT specific thermometer and was able to see the temperature changes more accurately.

The BBT I'm currently using is a cheap one from Walgreens and has worked wonderful thus far. Since the temperature shift during ovulation can be so small it's recommended to use a basal body thermometer instead of just a regular one since you have 2 digits to the right if the decimal. (The ovulation shift maybe as little as .1 or less of a degree and could be missed with a regular thermometer)

I also ordered some ovulation sticks which will help to confirm ovulation along with my charting. The ovulation sticks I purchased were through and were the babyhopes brand. They have their own website but were a better deal on Amazon. Very inexpensive since don't really want to spend a ton of money at this point and I have heard good reviews. Starting the 7th or so I will be keeping record of my ovulation sticks on my post.

So here's to a new month and in a few days a New Year!

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