Monday, December 7, 2009

Here we go....

Well, its official Nolan and I are trying to have a baby.

**Just a Warning...these posts talk alot about female stuff**

This past month was a little rough. We talked about starting to try for a baby but didn't really finalize those thoughts however I missed my period by over a week. My periods if anything are early, not late. So we bought a couple of EPT Digital pregnancy tests. I took two of the tests and both said "pregnant"! We are thinking wow this happened fast and proceeded to tell some of our family. The next day I started to bleed and cramp, only light spotting at first so I called my OB and had her get me in the next morning. By the next day everything was much worse and we feared the worst. I get to the OB and she says that she thinks its an early miscarriage. She draws blood for tests and I'm to come back the next day. I went back and my OB told me that if I was pregnant it was no longer, the HcG hormone levels were too low for a pregnancy.

I did pick up a recommended book called "Honoring Our Cycle" by Katie Singer. Wow did I know little about myself. I do recommend anyone trying to conceive to pick this book up and try it out. I'm still a little confused about a few things but hope my OB will clear some of that up on Thursday. So this is our official kick off post :D

Wish us luck and lots of baby dust

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