Monday, November 11, 2013

Eliana's Milk and Cookies First Birthday!

I know, I know...once again I've been slacking on the posts. A few days after Eliana's birthday party, we all were really sick. Then it was sewing, sewing and more sewing for our Halloween costumes!

 photo Elianasbirthday9bw_zps4d449676.jpg

So here you go, the birthday pictures! I will be doing another post with Eliana's official 1st birthday photos and 12 month update.

 photo Elianasbirthday16_zpsa5d1242e.jpg

 photo Birthdaypartypage2_zpsf32acf8b.jpg

I had made a bib each month for monthly pictures I did with Eliana. At the party I had printed out each picture with her wearing the bib and hung the pictures with the matching bib around the dining room.

 photo Birthdaypartypage1_zpsad5a8f54.jpg

 photo Elianasbirthday13_zps111437c1.jpg

 photo Elianasbirthday2_zps2c2916f9.jpg

Her "cookies & milk" cake was one of my favorite parts. It turned out amazing! I made the fondant using the marshmallow fondant recipe that is floating around the web. Super easy! I had one of my friends help me to make the cake itself. She did such a great job.

 photo Elianasbirthday10_01_zpsf4a167e9.jpg

 photo Elianasbirthday22_zps3868e31f.jpg

Eliana had fallen asleep at some point in her party. We ended up waking her up to sing her happy birthday and open presents. She was not very happy about that. Reminded me of Parker's first birthday. You can read about his first birthday party here.

 photo Elianasbirthday18_zps33a55ab4.jpg

 photo Birthdaypartypage3_zps26b8d35b.jpg

We are so lucky to be able to relocate with other families from AZ. This was the first birthday for our kids, that no members of our extended family members were able to attend. I'm glad that mine and Nolan's parents were able to call in or FaceTime and see the celebration, but it's not the same as seeing them in person. I'm happy and thankful that we have all these "relocated" families...our friends, be able to come and celebrate this birthday milestone with us.

 photo Elianasbirthday32_zps6a568e47.jpg

 photo Elianasbirthday25_edit_zpscdea59fe.jpg

It was an amazing day. Happy First Birthday our lil' princess.

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