Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday: Black and White Conversions

I haven't had a chance to make a post for the Tutorial Tuesday in the past few weeks although most of the times I have been following along. I really LOVED this tutorial!


The Paper Mama Photo Challenge

Original vs B&W conversion


Saturday, May 19, 2012

16 week pregnancy update!


Baby's Size: Should be around 4.5 inches and 3.5 ounces. She didn't measure baby's length at the last u/s, but I did see baby's estimated weight was 5 ounces.

Weight gain: Weight gain is still ZERO! I'm a little happy about that. I don't know why I'm so paranoid about gaining too much weight. I was right on track my last pregnancy and I did lose it all within the first year. I'm so worried it will be tougher to bounce back this time around.


Maternity clothes?: Not wearing any maternity clothing yet.

Sleep: Great! I'm in bed around 9 or 10 at night and usually sleep until 6 or 7 in the morning.

Movement: Today, I'm almost certain I've started to feel some flutters. I'm not 100% sure though.

Food Cravings: Yogurt and homemade fruit smoothies...yum!

Symptoms: Heart burn has still been pretty bad. It is probably the reason that I haven't gained weight. I barely eat anything at each meal.

Best Moment this Week: Almost certain that I'm feeling some movement/flutters.

What I am looking forward to: My next u/s at 20 weeks. The tech was more than certain that it was a girl, but since it was a little early I'm still nervous that things will change. I have to admit that I've already bought some girly things.


The start of baby's cloth diaper stash!! When I was pregnant with Parker I knew NOTHING about cloth diapering and it was so overwhelming. Now, I'm very confident in cloth diapers. My goal is to make a 100% of this baby's stash of diapers, at least a dozen before she is born. I have also been slowly making more for Parker and getting rid of any cloth diapers that aren't made by me.

What I am NOT looking forward to: I received my progesterone shots in the mail Friday and the nurse comes on Tuesday to give me the first shot. Bleh, not a fan of needles.  I'm so sensitive to medications and I'm very worried about the side effects. Especially, it's effect on my energy levels. I'm feeling so great right now.


Friday, May 11, 2012

We're having a


We had an amazing ultrasound for so many reasons. The main reason being the Dr. felt that the baby looks so good, measurements are on right on track and he is not seeing an additional markers that concern him. So, we decided to not go ahead with the amniocentesis. In fact the nuchal measurement was now within normal range, which actually baffled the Dr. I've been on pins and needles for 3 weeks now and it was so great to hear such encouraging news. The second being that we are having a girl!

Next appointments: May 15th-endo (check on hyperthyroid)
                              May 16th-prenatal check-up
Sometime next week I will start having a nurse come by the house to start the progesterone injections. Hopefully these will help keep baby in longer this time around.

Friday, May 4, 2012

14 week pregnancy update!

I'm starting my first official pregnancy post! I looked back at my 14 week post for Parker's pregnancy and this pregnancy is exactly one month later. My due date for Parker was 10/3 and my due date for this little one is 11/2.



This ultrasound was actually done at 12 weeks, but had to show off our new little one to be.

How far along: 14 weeks. Yay, for the second trimester!

Baby's Size: Should be around 3.5 inches. Baby was measuring 2.27 inches at my 12 week ultrasound.

Weight gain: Nope! At my 12 week appointment I had lost 5 lbs.

Maternity clothes?: I haven't had the need to wear any maternity clothing yet. I did buy a couple cute shirts and some maternity shorts.

Sleep: My sleep has been pretty good. Other than my little guy cutting molars and waking up in the night, I feel pretty rested.

Movement: Nothing yet, though I can feel my uterus and have been able to for a couple weeks now.

Food Cravings: Honestly, it's been salads

Symptoms:  My heartburn is through the roof with this pregnancy. I can't eat anything without getting heartburn. Even water gives me heartburn. My nausea has finally started to subside, but I still find myself having a hard time eating because of the heartburn.

Labor Signs: Nothing to report and hope to not start contractions quite so early this time around.

Best Moment this Week: I took my first belly photo this week. I actually think I look smaller this time around, but it's hard to really tell since I'm not wearing the same outfit. I can also hear the baby's heartbeat on our home Doppler. The first time I was able to hear it was around 12 weeks.

What I am looking forward to: Next Friday I have my anatomy scan scheduled at which point I will be also having an amniocentesis. I'm so terrified of the amniocentesis, but I can't wait for the scan. We will probably have a good idea of the gender at that point.

I chose to have the amniocentesis because when I went for my nuchal scan, the baby's nuchal measurement was above the normal range. That combined with my bloodwork results we were given some scary scenario's. The outcome of the amnio won't change my pregnancy, but I feel that if there is something wrong with the baby I would like to know everything I can before baby's arrival so we can be 100% prepared.

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