Friday, May 11, 2012

We're having a


We had an amazing ultrasound for so many reasons. The main reason being the Dr. felt that the baby looks so good, measurements are on right on track and he is not seeing an additional markers that concern him. So, we decided to not go ahead with the amniocentesis. In fact the nuchal measurement was now within normal range, which actually baffled the Dr. I've been on pins and needles for 3 weeks now and it was so great to hear such encouraging news. The second being that we are having a girl!

Next appointments: May 15th-endo (check on hyperthyroid)
                              May 16th-prenatal check-up
Sometime next week I will start having a nurse come by the house to start the progesterone injections. Hopefully these will help keep baby in longer this time around.

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