Sunday, June 27, 2010

26 weeks 2 days & the updated stats!

Well, I should have started my pregnancy off with all my stats so I didn't have to dig into my pregnancy brain to remember, but for the most part these are pretty accurate. Most pregnant women probably would never reveal half of this, but I know I will forgot eventually and I would like to be able to look back and remember some of this. With my daughter I didn't write a journal, didn't take belly photos, didn't keep any weekly updates and that makes me sad. I have one photo of me pregnant at my baby shower and it's blurry and far away. I know I was young and I was still getting used the the idea of being pregnant at 18 and just out of high school but I really wished I could have something to give to her from my pregnancy when she got older. I kind of feel like not only did I rob myself of some of the memories, I also robbed her of something.

For this pregnancy, I want to have my blog made into a book. I have seen a few company's that will do that for you and it will be like a keepsake journal for Parker when he is older.

My stats the day of my first OB appointment(about 4 weeks pregnant)

My height: 5'4"

Weight: 137 lbs
Chest Measurements: 34B
Belly(across belly button) measurement: 32"
Hip measurement: 36"

26 weeks & 2 days pregnant

Weight: 157 lbs
Chest Measurements: 40DD(crazy right?!? I didn't believe it when the lady measured me for a new bra)
Belly(across belly button) measurement: 42"
Hip measurement: 41"

Friday, June 25, 2010

The hospital bag..Deal of the Week ;)

OK, so I'm no where near packing my hospital bag but I was just excited because I finally found the one I will use. I went to Saver's the other day in search of a duffel of some sort since I know I have to start thinking of packing something. I'm not one of these last minute type people, mainly because to get good deals you have to start thinking of the things you need early so you can be on the lookout.

Once I got to Saver's, I walked over to this whopping pile of duffel's and suitcases and saw this light blue color poking out of the pile and proceeded to dig it out of the pile. So here I am almost 7 months pregnant, digging through this pile of luggage to get to this bag. It was quite a sight. When I pulled the bag out and looked it over I knew right away this was the one, although a little smashed it was still in pristine condition. The inside had no wear whatsoever.

I paid a whopping $4.00 for this Diane Von Furstenberg travel purse.

I decided to check out the baby clothes on my way out and as luck would have it two complete outfits with tags from one of my favorite baby stores were on the rack. OK, one sort of looks a little girly I decided the blue kind of off sets that, but the tiger one is simply adorable. Two outfits definitely going to the hospital with us.

I paid $2.99 each outfit, better than $50.00 each from the retailer

So these are my deal of the week!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Frugal Father's make for Frugal Daughter's

Frugality is the practice of acquiring goods and services in a restrained manner, and resourcefully using already owned economic goods and services, to achieve a longer term goal

So like many, I like to shop a lot, and with a new baby on the way well it makes the desire to shop so much harder to resist. I grew up with a very frugal father, I appreciate him for it because I don't just go out and buy anything I think is cute. I like to find good deals, and when you find a GREAT deal, it can be very exhilarating. I love to garage sale but I work most mornings so find that option unavailable. Well, what's the next best option? Resale stores.

I have been buying things for our up and coming addition since the day we found out he was going to be a boy. I find when it comes to deals, you have to start looking early and don't be in a rush to find something. Allow yourself some time to find what you are looking for, and most likely you can find either the exact item or something very similar for a good price.

One of my absolute favorite resale shops is, Love Child Style Exchange. Formerly known as Buffalo Kids and also a former employer of mine when my daughter was just a baby. I think of this shop more like a resale boutique. With adorable clothing displays, great CLEAN atmosphere, wonderful staff, and best of all....great prices! You just can't go wrong here.

Here are the awesome deals on bigger items I have walk away with so far:

I paid $80 cash for this gorgeous travel system in perfect condition.(Original price: 199.98)

I paid $40 cash for this swing, I couldn't even find any type of wear that showed this was even used.(Original Price: 139.99)

So if you are in area, I suggest you stop in a visit this wonderful resale shop.

Love Child Resale

Please visit my blog for more posts on great shops with great deals :) Thanks for reading!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Father's Day Poem

Dear Daddy,
I know that I’m not there yet, but I couldn’t wait to say,
How much I already love you, and it grows with everyday.
I love to hear your voice each night, when you read to me.
I love your waffle mornings and next time if you feel,
I will move and wiggle; it’s just for you, from me.

October is coming soon daddy, I can hardly wait,
to look you in the eyes and know that I am safe.
So, since we can’t be together today
I whispered this to mommy,
I love you & Happy Father’s Day

Your son,

Friday, June 18, 2010

25 Weeks ;)

So another fast it flew by! My daughter has been staying with my parents off and on since summer break started. Today she went with my father to some garage sales and then came back home for the weekend.
So, I'm sitting on the couch watching the show 30 days (love that show for some reason) and she's like, "Mom, I forgot I have a present for you." She always finds something cute for either myself or Parker and gives it to me when she goes to garage sales. She hands me this Tiffany & Co. bag. She told me she got it at a garage sale for only $1.00. I open the bag to find a Tiffany & Co. box. I open that and under all this tissue paper was this gorgeous Tiffany & Co. crystal bowl! I can't believe she bought this at a garage sale for $1! Who is crazy enough sell that for so cheap. It's still on their website selling for $95. She just had this big smile and said she bought it because the bag and everything said my name. I can only wonder what else the lady at the garage sale was selling.

OK, now that I'm done with my happy moment of the day. I'm excited to say I'm 25 weeks, I can see the finish line in sight, almost into the final 3rd trimester stretch. Parker is no longer kicking me in my bladder, he is now comfortably resting his feet in my ribs. Comfortably only for him of course, my ribs are sore. The hospital tour went great. Saw the rooms, met with alot of the staff. Love the idea of the free valet parking for L&D so your hubby can stay with you when you go to the hospital. We didn't get to go in the NICU but she did say they have 2 babies currently in there that were born at 24 weeks doing great. Glad to hear that survivability is possible so early. It's nice that they are a level III NICU, just in case.

How far along: 25 weeks, I actually posted on time this week.(going by 10/3 edd)
Weight gain: 15 pounds
Stretch marks: No changes
Symptoms: mood swings, I really feel bad for my hubby this week. I have been getting upset at stupid things for no reason.
Sleep: Now that Parker is positioned himself in my ribs, sleeping on my right side which I finally got comfortable doing, is now uncomfortable.
Best Moment this Week: Visiting the hospital, seeing where we are going to be going in just a few months.
Food Cravings: The peaches craving has been really intense
Labor Signs: BH only
Belly Button in or out?: In
Wedding rings on or off?: On but getting tighter
Movement: I think I'm starting to notice some sleeping/movement patterns with him.
Milestones: Almost to the 3rd trimester

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What a depressing day :'(

I'm part of this wonderful online community through BBC. Today was so depressing for me, we had two girls in my birth group lose their babies. I think it hit so close to home since we are only weeks apart in our pregnancies. I couldn't help but cry... a lot. I know they aren't the first loss that has been posted but it just really hit me hard today. I wanted to rip through the computer and just cry with them, hug them, and tell them that I would be there for them but I can't. I'm just a person behind a computer screen, probably hundreds if not thousands of miles away from them, and all they see is my typed words. The only thing I can do is pray for them and hope that God will give them and their families the strength to overcome this tragedy.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

24 weeks

This week has been the fastest week in months. I want to enjoy this pregnancy but I'm also very excited to see Parker in a few months. We have our hospital tour this coming week which should be fun. I have seen pictures of the L&D on the internet but we will learn alot more about what to do and where do go when we go into labor. We will see the rooms, visit the NICU, and meet some of the staff.

How far along: 24 weeks
Weight gain: 15 pounds
Stretch marks: No changes
Symptoms: I'm starting to get some energy back, I get exhausted throughout the day but I don't feel as tired when bedtime comes around and I have been only getting up once per night to use the restroom.
Sleep: It's getting better, tossing and turning still happens but now it's because I don't know where to rest my belly and still be comfortable.
Best Moment this Week: Hmm, this is a tough one. We just didn't have a very busy week. I did get some cute pictures taken(just amateur) of my hubby and I and my daughter and I and my preggo belly.
Food Cravings: I'd say peaches, for sure
Labor Signs: BH only
Belly Button in or out?: In
Wedding rings on or off?: On but getting tighter
Movement: He is so very busy and kicking very hard, his head has been resting under my right ribs so they are very very sore. It's so awesome, is all I have to say, regardless of how sore I get.
Milestones: In about 2 weeks, Parker should be opening his eyes in the womb.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

23 Weeks 114 days to go....


Just had a very exhausting weekend, working all day Saturday and the heat has kicked into over drive. It sucks to get into your car and it's like sitting in an oven. I think we hit 110 the last couple days. It's amazing how much it drains your energy. I held off posting this week because I had my OB checkup yesterday and wanted to post about that. I talked to her about my plans to have a natural delivery. She told me the hospital has alot of great amenities including a spa-bath in the labor room which you can labor in if you would like. I heard that laboring in warm water helps to relax you and being in a total state of relaxation helps with the contractions and helps to move labor along faster. They provide birth balls, also to help move labor along, and also you can have a massage during the first stage of labor. We discussed what I wanted and she just asked that I allow a closed IV line being put in my arm just in case complications arose, this would save time. We both agreed about if I can't handle it or if baby seems stressed, all bets are off. It's nice to have an OB who really listens to you. I have been having a few more contractions then normal and alot of back pressure and pain, and I was thinking it was because of a possible bladder infection. My OB took a urine sample and said it looked like there could be a slight infection. She checked my cervix and it looked good and also took a cervical culture to rule out any infection there and started me on a low dose antibiotic.

We have done more work on the nursery, set up the play corner, hung up some decor and paintings. We are still looking for curtains, dresser, and a bookshelf which is pretty good I think. I bought some super cute soft books for Parker's play corner and want to find some other cute things I can put there for when he's at that stage.

How far along: 23 weeks (going by 10/3 edd)
Weight gain: I have gained 15lbs total, had a big gain this past month. I think I averaged about 2 lbs a week since my last appt. If I continue that weight gain with 16 weeks to go that will be another 32 lbs.
Stretch marks: No changes
Symptoms: I can tell my appetite has been picking up quite a bit. I have to be careful and make sure I'm nibbling on some healthy snacks every hour or so or I will eat too much at my next meal.
Sleep: I have noticed that I have been sleeping better but I think the heat is taking everything out of me. I'm so much more exhausted every day.
Best Moment this Week: My hubby and I made a painting for Parker's room. It perfectly matches his decor. We felt like one wall was just too bare and so I told my hubby what I wanted it and he just drew it and I painted it. I love it!
Food Cravings: Peaches, Blackberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, Grapes, Oranges, and hubby laughed too.
Labor Signs: Had a few more contractions than I normally do. Possibly because of a bladder infection.
Belly Button in or out?: In, I really don't think it will ever become an outie.
Wedding rings on or off?: Still on but I'm noticing that my fingers are definately swelling my rings are making big indentations on my fingers which they never did before
Movement: He moves all over, even as I type now. He loves the sound of Nolan's voice when he reads to Parker at night. My cat even saw my belly do this funny roll because of Parker and got this funny look on his face.
Milestones: Getting the nursery started and almost finished.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Crunchy, Silky, or Chewy?

I'm in an online Birth group with BBC and I kept seeing posts about moms being crunchy, silky or chewy. I was like what are these women talking about?!? Well, my question was finally answered when a fellow mom to be posted a quiz you can take that will tell you what you are. I had to snag this quiz and post it here. See how you rate. Apparently, I'm what you would call "Pretty Crispy". I scored a 76.

So I guess with this LO I will be babywearing, cloth diapering, circumcising, breastfeeding, co-sleeping for the first couple months(with baby in his own bed in our room), scheduling vaccinations, not homeschooling, making my own detergents/baby safe cleaners, and all this adds up to me being crispy.

Here's the do you add up ;)

22 Weeks..a little late this week







It has been a busy but very wonderful start of this week :) My mother in law flew in this past Friday to visit and join us for an early baby shower(I really wanted her to be there for our baby shower so we planned it for when she would be here.) We decorated the nursery, had the baby BBQ shower, ate lots of food, relaxed, and enjoyed every minute of her visit. It seemed to take forever for this weekend to come but I knew it would just fly by and soon we would have to say goodbye to my mother in law and resume our work week.

The BBQ baby shower went great, I was so touched by all the family and friends that came out to celebrate with Nolan and I the upcoming arrival of Parker. It was held at my Aunt Sharon's house and my cousin Colleen helped with a lot of the decorations. We ate least I did. Had fun with some games. Shared stories...Nolan even held my little cousin(this is a BIG milestone, Nolan is so terrified that he will break a baby, LOL.)


The cake was made by our good friend Jennifer Molinet, isn't it beautiful?


Bottle drinking contest







On Friday we also had the Fetal Echocardiogram. Parker looked great, his heart looked wonderful. His kidneys were no longer enlarged. He was bouncing around and of course covering his face and crossing his ankles. All of these he has done at each ultrasound so it makes getting a good picture of his face tough. My hubby was hilarious, he had the tech make sure that he was a boy...again, of course Parker is definately all boy. Glad to know that everything looks healthy on our little man.

How far along: 22 weeks
Weight gain: haven't weighed recently
Stretch marks: No changes
Symptoms: Still feeling pretty good, have a good amount of energy for the most part.
Sleep: I go to bed by around 9 or 10p and I'm usually up by 6 or 7am. Throughout the night I toss and turn still. I loved sleeping on my back so this side sleeping is really tough to get into the habit of.
Best Moment this Week: Seeing my MIL, purchasing Parker's crib and setting it up, my MIL getting to see Parker's ultrasound on Friday. Knowing that Parker is healthy and growing strong. He is weighing in at 1 lb 3 ounces as of last Friday.
Food Cravings: Just whatever was fastest to make :)
Labor Signs: BH only
Belly Button in or out?: In
Wedding rings on or off?: On but getting tighter
Movement: Lot's of movement
Milestones: My MIL and my daughter felt Parker moving this past week :)
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