Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Crunchy, Silky, or Chewy?

I'm in an online Birth group with BBC and I kept seeing posts about moms being crunchy, silky or chewy. I was like what are these women talking about?!? Well, my question was finally answered when a fellow mom to be posted a quiz you can take that will tell you what you are. I had to snag this quiz and post it here. See how you rate. Apparently, I'm what you would call "Pretty Crispy". I scored a 76.

So I guess with this LO I will be babywearing, cloth diapering, circumcising, breastfeeding, co-sleeping for the first couple months(with baby in his own bed in our room), scheduling vaccinations, not homeschooling, making my own detergents/baby safe cleaners, and all this adds up to me being crispy.

Here's the link...how do you add up ;)


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