Friday, June 18, 2010

25 Weeks ;)

So another fast it flew by! My daughter has been staying with my parents off and on since summer break started. Today she went with my father to some garage sales and then came back home for the weekend.
So, I'm sitting on the couch watching the show 30 days (love that show for some reason) and she's like, "Mom, I forgot I have a present for you." She always finds something cute for either myself or Parker and gives it to me when she goes to garage sales. She hands me this Tiffany & Co. bag. She told me she got it at a garage sale for only $1.00. I open the bag to find a Tiffany & Co. box. I open that and under all this tissue paper was this gorgeous Tiffany & Co. crystal bowl! I can't believe she bought this at a garage sale for $1! Who is crazy enough sell that for so cheap. It's still on their website selling for $95. She just had this big smile and said she bought it because the bag and everything said my name. I can only wonder what else the lady at the garage sale was selling.

OK, now that I'm done with my happy moment of the day. I'm excited to say I'm 25 weeks, I can see the finish line in sight, almost into the final 3rd trimester stretch. Parker is no longer kicking me in my bladder, he is now comfortably resting his feet in my ribs. Comfortably only for him of course, my ribs are sore. The hospital tour went great. Saw the rooms, met with alot of the staff. Love the idea of the free valet parking for L&D so your hubby can stay with you when you go to the hospital. We didn't get to go in the NICU but she did say they have 2 babies currently in there that were born at 24 weeks doing great. Glad to hear that survivability is possible so early. It's nice that they are a level III NICU, just in case.

How far along: 25 weeks, I actually posted on time this week.(going by 10/3 edd)
Weight gain: 15 pounds
Stretch marks: No changes
Symptoms: mood swings, I really feel bad for my hubby this week. I have been getting upset at stupid things for no reason.
Sleep: Now that Parker is positioned himself in my ribs, sleeping on my right side which I finally got comfortable doing, is now uncomfortable.
Best Moment this Week: Visiting the hospital, seeing where we are going to be going in just a few months.
Food Cravings: The peaches craving has been really intense
Labor Signs: BH only
Belly Button in or out?: In
Wedding rings on or off?: On but getting tighter
Movement: I think I'm starting to notice some sleeping/movement patterns with him.
Milestones: Almost to the 3rd trimester

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