Friday, June 25, 2010

The hospital bag..Deal of the Week ;)

OK, so I'm no where near packing my hospital bag but I was just excited because I finally found the one I will use. I went to Saver's the other day in search of a duffel of some sort since I know I have to start thinking of packing something. I'm not one of these last minute type people, mainly because to get good deals you have to start thinking of the things you need early so you can be on the lookout.

Once I got to Saver's, I walked over to this whopping pile of duffel's and suitcases and saw this light blue color poking out of the pile and proceeded to dig it out of the pile. So here I am almost 7 months pregnant, digging through this pile of luggage to get to this bag. It was quite a sight. When I pulled the bag out and looked it over I knew right away this was the one, although a little smashed it was still in pristine condition. The inside had no wear whatsoever.

I paid a whopping $4.00 for this Diane Von Furstenberg travel purse.

I decided to check out the baby clothes on my way out and as luck would have it two complete outfits with tags from one of my favorite baby stores were on the rack. OK, one sort of looks a little girly I decided the blue kind of off sets that, but the tiger one is simply adorable. Two outfits definitely going to the hospital with us.

I paid $2.99 each outfit, better than $50.00 each from the retailer

So these are my deal of the week!


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