Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Cake Smash!! Eliana's 1st birthday invitations

It has been awhile since I have struggled with insomnia, but here it rears it's ugly head tonight. Of course, it would be a night Eliana is sleeping as she should, like a baby. Since I can't sleep I decided to write a post.

We decided to have a pre-birthday "cake smash" for Eliana so I could use the pictures for her birthday announcement/invitation.

 photo Elianacakesmash1_zpsb842851d.jpg 

The whole photo shoot came out so cute, very messy, but cute.  Here are a few of my favorites from that day and a sneek peak of her little invitation.  I'm really late at mailing out the invites...more like announcements for out extended family, but I haven't forgotten. They are addressed and headed for the mailbox tomorrow.

 photo Elianacakesmash10_zps11dbf2cc.jpg

It took her a few minutes to want to touch the cake, but once she had a taste of the cake she was thrilled and started making some of the cutest faces.

 photo Elianacake17_zps22c7b634.jpg

 photo Elianacake7_zps4fb9310f.jpg

 photo Elianacake11_zps698cf963.jpg

After I was finished taking all the photos I needed we set loose Mr. Parker to join her in eating the cake. He'd been waiting so patiently in the background and was very excited to be able to join in the fun....of course by the look of Eliana's face, she wasn't thrilled about having to share.

 photo Elianacake18_zps75bec741.jpg

Gotta love those baby toes! 

 photo Elianacake20_zps72e91a89.jpg

Here is the finished invite. I love how it turned out! 

 photo ElianasinvitecompleteFacebookcopy_zps5e80520e.jpg

Come back in a couple weeks for all the details on her Milk and Cookies 1st birthday! Can't believe Eliana is almost 1

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