Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Eliana is 8 months old!

  photo 8months3_zpsbf4d0262.jpg

                                                                         Current stats: 
Weight: approx 17lbs 8oz (25-50th percentile) 
Height: 26.75" long (25-50th percentile) 
Clothing size: Wears 9mo & 6-12 month 
Shoe size: size 3 or 4 depending on brand

 photo 8months_zpse9fef5f1.jpg

Where do I start?!? Eliana is changing so much and it's happening so fast! 

At 8 months;

...can stand holding on with one hand. She has on a few occasions stood without any support, but not for long. 
...has mastered cruising(walking) around the furniture. I don't think she is too far off from actually walking. We will see in the next few months!!
...bear crawls FAST! 
...is getting into everything. Trash cans, drawers, cupboards....nothing is safe, LOL!

 photo 8months4_zps524ebce8.jpg

...has two teeth! Her second one broke the gums about a week after her first. 
...says, "dada" and "mama" now. I swear she has said, "hi," on a few occasions and at appropriate times, but it's not consistent.
...her eyes are turning a sort of bluish-green color.
....her hair is starting to darken and fill in more.
 photo 8months5_zpsa5cb5ab0.jpg

...we are still struggling with her wanting to eat solids, forget baby puree's she wants nothing to do with those. She will eat tiny bites of food from whatever I might be eating, but only a couple bites.  It's a little frustrating because I know she is hungry.
...still wakes up throughout the night to nurse. Thankfully, she doesn't ever stay awake.

 photo 8months2_zps6141629c.jpg

We are going through ideas of what her first birthday theme will be, but nothing is set right now. It's going to be a tough year for all the kids' birthday's. My family has always been around for their birthday's. With us living in Montreal this is no longer possible. This year just won't be the same.

Oh Eliana, if you only knew how happy you make us! I love you lil' miss...so very very much :)

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