Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mid-Month Update

Well, I had another follow-up appointment with my OB...she told me nothing except when I started talking to her about fertility tracking such she didnt think I would ovulate until after my next cycle since I was on the prometrium. I guess the dose she gave me, (even though I already had my period this month) is suppose to trick your body into thinking you already ovulated and will cause another period 5-7 days after you stop taking it, some as soon as the day after they stop. That would have been useful information when she prescribed it to me. It's usually prescribed for women who don't have regular periods which I do every month, even if they do vary between 24-32 day cycles. She thought with the clotting I was experiencing this last month that this would help to reduce that. So I'm a little bummed.

I did my charting over the month anyhow, funny because I had some signs that I did ovulate such as the changes in my cervix, the fluid changes, and a noticeable temperature shift.
Again, since I'm so new to this it could have just been coincidence.

Yay for another period in a few days :'(

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