Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Our little one is 2 weeks old

I'm astonished on how fast 2 weeks has gone by. Granted we have been to multiple follow-up dr's appointments, we returned to the hospital for an additional 24 hour stay, and introduced Parker to friends and family this has caused us to stay quite busy.

Parker is doing great though, he is eating well, pooping and peeing like a madman, and sleeping in between. As of his last dr's appointment on friday he is also back up to his birth weight.

Parker coming home after his birth on 9/2/10

Meeting one of the cats

Sneak peak of the 1st photo session(9/6/10)

1st Dr's visit(1 week old: 9/7/10)

Hanging out at the pool(1 week old: 9/7/10)

Back to the hospital because of hyperbili levels(9/8/10)

First "official" bath, after umbilical cord fell off (9/13/10)

Parker @ 2 weeks old just relaxing at home(9/14/10)

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