Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mama Memoirs: Public Transportation

When Nolan received the news that his company was closing their Phoenix location, and they wanted to relocate Nolan to Montreal, we both just knew it was something we wanted to do. We then had to make choices on what we could live with and without when we moved, due to the increased cost of living in Montreal. One of the decisions we made was to sell both our vehicles. It was weird to think about not driving a car, as I have driven and owned a vehicle since I was 16 years old and there were very few times periods that I went without driving. We now, however, rely 100% on public transportation, our legs...and on RARE occasions, a taxi, LOL!

 photo IMG_0444_zps9830a50f.jpg

 photo IMG_0932_zps5c703ebc.jpg We moved to Montreal in January. Luckily, at first, we were right downtown and next to where Nolan was working. That was nice...sort of "eased" us into getting around the city. I had a little bit of anxiety, and all the worst-case-scenarios went through my head about getting on the metro the first time. A fire, an accident, a thug would come behind me and push me...the world would come to an end and I would be stuck in there. No joke, lol. I stood quite a ways back from the edge of the platform for a while. It's different now, I love riding the metro and using the buses to get around.

  photo IMG_0954_zps4dd7de66.jpg There has only been one or two extremely frustrating times while using public transport here, but that is it...a couple of times! I can't tell you how many times I would get stressed while driving a car. Add to that the fact that our cars seemed to always break down and in the back seat sat a hormonal teenager, an upset two year old and a screaming baby. Oh, and a husband that was "directionally challenged." Needless to say, I was...well, I loathed driving near the end. 

 photo IMG_0914_zpsdcfaf299.jpg There is something about using public transport, or just plain walking, that makes me feel accomplished. All the walking is making me a healthier person. Eliana is usually sitting in the carrier on my chest or back, so I'm getting a dang good work out. Parker LOVES riding on the buses and the metro. Vanessa is learning to navigate the transit to get to school and back and I think it gives her a little independence.

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We save by not paying for gas, car insurance or car maintenance. We figured that to be at least $200-300 a month. Plus, at the time we were still paying off one car so that is an additional $250 per month. We also save money on groceries, as most of the time we have to carry home what we buy...

edit: Okay, I have a confession...we don't save on groceries because we are a milk loving family. In Montreal milk is very expensive, comes in tiny bags that seem to get drunk in one sitting and never goes on sale, EVER!!

 photo a04b0188-3b54-4504-a84a-8a15d00fc112_zpsb3daf715.jpg
I know this isn't the deepest of topics, but I'm so happy about all the changes we've made for our family. It has been so exciting for us out here. We are learning a new culture and a new way of life, with regards to transportation. It's nice to have a fresh start.


  1. That is a crazy change in climate from Arizona to Canada! Such an exciting new life to take on, very cool. I wish we were able to take public transport more, but living in a suburb of Seattle it isn't practical for me to get the kids to their two different daycares and me to work. Maybe someday our region will get itself together and make it easier. You have me wanting to move to Montreal now!

  2. It was a huge change, but welcome and Montreal is so amazing! Phoenix is where I lived in AZ and has a really horrible public transit systems, in my opinion. The city is just too spread out. Thank you for visiting! :)


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