Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wittle People Wednesday: Dandelions!

Linking up with Ramblings and Photos for, "Wittle People Wednesday!"

 photo dandelionsupdated_zps1328c0c1.jpg
The weather has been unbelievably GORGEOUS! I'm experiencing seasons!! In AZ, you have hot and less hot. The park is so close it makes it real easy to get the kids out during the day to play.

 photo dandelionsupdated2_zps0c83b8bc.jpg
I was teaching Parker how to "make wishes" with the dandelions. He was trying so hard to blow the "puffers" off.

 photo dandelionsupdated3_zps96442bb6.jpg
It was a little windy that day, so most of the time the wind would blow them all off before he had the chance to.

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