Monday, September 26, 2011

Football season begins

Wow, I've turned into this monthly blogger. I really didn't want to get this way with blogging. I've been so busy, and a few things that I love doing have taken a back seat, including blogging. One reason is that I'm not sure where to go with my blog. I feel like I had a lot to share during my pregnancy experience. Then with the monthly milestones and rolling, cooing, smiling and walking etc. It was easy to find things to blog about. Parker is still changing, but the changes are much more subtle.

So, I feel a little conflicted as to what I want to blog about. I've been wanting to enter more photo contests but, lately, my photography has been,crappy lacking. I don't know what it is, I take pictures and I don't see the "wow" factor in anything. I find myself deleting all my pictures. It might have a little to do with Parker not sitting still for two seconds, or having very little patience with me when he sees the camera.

I did however manage to capture a few cute photos of Parker watching Vanessa cheer this past week. Mainly, so Parker's godparents could see him debut his Bears onesie. I find it amazing just how many Bears fans live in Arizona. We received so many "Oh yeah's" and "Go Bears" when he was wearing this. Of course my necklace was much more interesting than shouting girls or the guys playing football.


It was so cute how he kept taking the necklace and squishing his face to make me laugh. Parker loves hearing people laughing. I always thought Parker didn't like to be the center of attention, but I was wrong. He loves to be the center of MY attention.


I decided to enter the photo above into the little contest. Although the contest is about the best summer face of 2011, it's still 100 degrees here and that is considered summer in any other state.

I heart faces
is always having great photo contests. If you have a passion for photography and blogging, you should visit their site.


Isn't it amazing that no more than 2 months ago, Parker's hair was completely buzzed? His crazy hair has returned, at least it has grown back in even and I have promised daddy not to cut it until he starts looking like a girl.



  1. Aw...He looks so...serious about what hes doing :) Cute photos

  2. Thank you! He is always has this serious look. It's probably about 30 pictures before I get him to smile.


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