Sunday, June 3, 2012

18 week pregnancy update!


Baby's Size: According to BBC: "Head to rump, baby is about 5 1/2 inches long and nearly a 1/2 pound."

Weight gain: I find out for sure at my next appointment on Wednesday. My scale shows a small gain, but it is really hard to tell since it's not digital. I also definitely see a difference in my belly picture compared to 2 weeks ago.


Maternity clothes?: This week I tried out my maternity shorts, they are way too big right now. I'm still wearing my pre-pregnancy clothes, but I don't have any shorts to wear and this heat is getting crazy!

Sleep: Aside from waking up once or twice to use the restroom, I'm sleeping great! This is such a change from my pregnancy with Parker.
Movement: Feeling the flutters and even today I was able to feel movement when touching my belly. Unfortunately, my hubby was still asleep and he didn't get to feel her and haven't felt her that strong again yet.

A little dress I made last weekend

Food Cravings: Not much in the way of cravings at all. I still don't eat very much due to heartburn. I've tried a bunch of different remedies, but nothing is working right now.


Almost finished with the stash of cloth diapers. I'm hoping to have 12, but I might have time to make 18.

Symptoms: Heartburn

Best Moment this Week: Feeling her kick from the outside and of course we decided on a name!! We found it very tough to decide on a name, but while doing some name research this one popped up and I knew this was the one.


What I am looking forward to: Still waiting for that next ultrasound, I'm so excited! We are also getting ready to visit family and see my SIL get married.

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