Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Eliana's birth announcement garland/bunting

I never sent a birth announcement out for Vanessa or Parker and I wasn't about to do that again with Eliana. I didn't realize that was something you did when I had Vanessa and with Parker we were so busy with him after he was born that time just slipped by without one being sent.

 photo birthannouncementEliana_zps4b755723.jpg

I struggled with which picture of Eliana I would use to send as the announcement. I ended up coming down wanting to send five different pictures. After my first idea of a "book" style announcement ending up costing too much, I decided to make a bunting or garland style announcement. I really only sent this to close family and friends so I think most would actually hang it up for a little while. If not, atleast it was a cute way to send them all my favorite newborn pictures of Eliana.

Cost Breakdown-

Newborn photos: Free (took them myself)
Picture prints: $5.15 for 100 prints (received a free coupon for 100 prints from Shutterfly-only paid shipping)
Embroidery floss: free (was gifted by my mom)
Tempura paint: $3.99
Mini paint roller: $1.50
Pink envelopes 20ct: $5.99
Hang tags 20ct: $2.99

Total Cost(20 announcements): $19.62

 photo Birthannouncementcompleted2_zpsb980d2d5.jpg
I saw a similar announcement available by another company. I made a few changes, and created this main annoucement picture. I LOVE IT! I don't own Adobe Photoshop so I used a combination of free programs called Photoscape and Gimp to edit the photos. I also thought it would be fun to add her footprint to the announcement.
 photo Birthannouncementcompleted3_zpsae2834fe.jpg
The above silver tool I use for scrapbooking to add brads and such to pages. I don't have a hole punch that made small enough holes so I used that instead.

 photo Birthannouncementcompleted4_zpsf7c94021.jpg
The final product, which is hanging up in the nursery. They were a little time consuming when I was punching holes and tying the pictures together, but overall it was easy to do and a unique way to announce Eliana's birth to our friends and family.

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