Monday, April 5, 2010

OB appointment & First Belly picture :)


I was so excited today, at my last appointment we tried to hear the baby's heartbeat with the doppler but had no success. I was only 11wks but it was hard not to stress out about it. I felt better since the next week we had the NT u/s and were able to see baby moving all around. Today however we heard his little heartbeat on the doppler, took her only seconds to find it, and it was amazing. It sure made my day. The top of my uterus is a few cm's below my belly button right where it should be at this point. Just an overall relaxing appointment :) No weight gain since last appointment but my OB is not worried at this point. I asked her about my EDD and if it would be changing since LO has been measuring a week ahead at every u/s, she didnt want to change the date, so it looks like my EDD will be staying at 10/03/10.


  1. Cute bump! I cannot wait to hear baby's HB on doppler @ next appointment!


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