Sunday, April 11, 2010

To cloth or not to cloth....

We have been talking about possibly using cloth diapers with this little one. I had no idea the "pandora's box" I was opening when I said I would spend my Sunday afternoon doing some research on them. I thought I would just jump on the internet and search a few sites and it would be an easy decision, boy was I WRONG! It was quite clear right away that the cost of cloth diapering is considerably less expensive than disposables in the long run. This fact however, is probably the only clear thing I came out of this day with. I just was not prepared for what I was up against. From prefolds to fitted, contoured, AIO, AI2, soakers, covers, hemp, cotton, pocket diapers, and OS..AHHH my head is spinning. I have read FAQ's and how to do's and I'm still no where closer to understanding any of this than when I first started. The big question, and the answer I have yet to come across is..THE POOP?!? What do I do with the poop? Surely I can't just take off the diaper and throw it all in the wash poop and all, can I?


  1. Well, I know when they test washing machines of people who use cloth diapers there is usually a large amount of... poo. And unless you steralize the machine after each load of diapers then the clothes you wash after the diapers will also show traces of poo. Maybe you could see what it would cost to do the pick up diaper service?

  2. :) I know it is crazy out there in the cloth diapering world!! The family I nanny for uses cloth diapers and they have a nice set up. They use the kind in the photo on you blog and they are nice and easy. For the poop, they have an attachment on their toilet that is like a sprayer nozzle that hooks up to the clean toilet water pipe thing and they just hold the diaper over the toilet and spray it off before putting it in the wash. They wash the diapers like normal clothes and once in awhile they bleach them. I hope that helps!

  3. There is a diaper hose you can by and it attaches to your toliet. Then you just spray it all off. :)

    Also for diapers I really suggest the easiest kind which are the AIO, all in one. They are like regualar diapers but made out of cloth, or the ones that are like regular diapers but have a pocket to put a soaker pad in them or a soaker pad that snaps on.

    I dont cloth diaper, but plan on doing it soon. I wanted to wait until Ethan hiney was bigger. Because boys pee out of diapers really easily so they have to fit right. I know a few people who cloth diaper though.


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