Tuesday, August 3, 2010

31 weeks

I just calculated that I will be considered full term on Sept 10th 2010. I have this feeling that he will be coming before Oct. 3rd, but I don't want to jinx it and be 2 weeks late.

My next OB appointment: August 10th (probably scheduling the last U/S and confirm his growth and his position)

Thought it would be fun to do a little longer pregnancy survey this week, and I really like some of the questions in this one.

*****About Your Pregnancy******
Is this your first pregnancy?
Nope, we have a 10 year old daughter
When did you find out you were pregnant?
Jan 17th, 2010. It was confirmed by a blood test on Jan 22nd, 2010
Was it planned?
Yes, although we did not think we would get pregnant so fast
What was your initial reaction?
We had a rough month the previous cycle. I had received a positive pregnancy test on two digital pregnancy tests. My period was over a week late at that point and that is not very common. A few days after the positive tests I started bleeding and I went to my OB the next morning. They drew blood and confirmed that I was not pregnant and she even told me she did not think I was having a miscarriage but after talking to some other people false positives, especially on two digital pregnancy tests, are not common and it probably was an early miscarriage.

SO needless to say I never used those digitals again and I was afraid that the same thing would happen. When I had my positive test this cycle I was on pins and needles for months, my husband will agree.
Who was with you when you found out?
My husband
Who was the first person you told?
My husband then, I’m pretty sure the next person we told was my mother in law.
How did your parents react?
The grandparents-to-be on both sides of our family were very excited.
What was your first symptom?
My first symptom was actually before I took my pregnancy test. I NEVER had this symptom with any other period. I had extremely sharp pains on my left side, I was at work and they were so painful I had to lie down and I tried to use ice and heat to help relieve the pain. The pain was so intense it would shoot down my leg at times. This was the Friday morning before my positive test. I firmly believe this was caused by implantation, it was confirmed when I had an ultrasound that this was the side I ovulated from that month.
What is your due date?
My due date is October 3rd, 2010 but he is measuring 2 weeks and 1 day ahead by ultrasound. The last ultrasound due date we received was September 17th, 2010. I still stick with my initial due date since I know when I ovulated and when I had my last period.

****About the birth*****
Home or hospital birth?
Natural or medicated birth?
I started out this pregnancy really wanting a natural birth but as time has gone by I’m really starting to second guess myself. I definitely don’t want an epidural but I’m thinking maybe some other types of “allowable” painkillers. I have been having such bad contractions for over a month I can’t even imagine how hard they will be when I’m in real labor. I don’t remember much from my daughter it went so fast and I had an epidural so early.
Who will be in the delivery room with you?
It will be my husband and my mother.
Will you breastfeed?
Do you think you'll need a c-section?
There should be no reason I would need a c-section unless he is breech.
Will you cry when you hold the baby for the first time?
What's the first thing you might say to him/her?“Hi Parker, I’m so happy to finally see you and I love you.”
Would you let someone videotape the birth?
My mom did last time and I doubt I will have much to say about her doing it again this time.
Are you excited about the birth, or scared?
Very excited but I’m starting to get a little scared.

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  1. Not too much longer! I was due Oct 2nd and had Ethan the 15th of Sept. Your going to have your baby pretty close to that I bet. :)



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