Monday, August 1, 2011

11 months old! Parker's 1st haircut

1 month to go to his birthday, that is crazy to say! I knew this year would go fast considering how fast the past 11 years has gone with my daughter, but I was secretly hoping that I would figure out something to slow down time.

11 month stats

Weight: 20 lbs
Height: 28.5 inches
Clothing sizes: Wears 12/18 month shirts and 12 month pants

Although it was a tough milestone for daddy and I, Parker had his first haircut. His hair was growing in all crooked. He had bald stripes on the sides(you can see one of the stripes in his "before" pictures), bald spots on the back. Any time we would go out to do something, his poor head would be sopping wet with sweat. So, we decided it was time. I'm going to miss his funky hair.









-Parker has two teeth, his second tooth broke through a couple weeks ago.
-His record for walking is 3 steps unassisted.
-He cruises all over and is figuring out how to maneuver his walker so he can follow the cats around the condo.

-Loves giving kisses. He now kisses everything that has two eyes and a mouth, goofy lil' man.

rawr (tiger)
grunts/growls when he wants food

-screams as his sister when she is eating in front of him. Will proceed to scream at her until she gives him something to eat

-he loves to rip things in half, paper, fabric even toys.

-loves to read, his favorite book is his "Baby Can Read" book. He loves the tongue picture and always tries to pull out my tongue when he sees it.

-loves the elevator game(I basically slowly raise him above my head and then bring him down really fast) He always wants me to do this. It has definitely given my arms a fantastic workout!

-his second favorite game is the "I'm going to drop you" game. Don't worry I DON'T drop him, but I pretend that I'm going to and he cracks up. When I try to stop he leans back so I will do it again.

-is extremely ticklish, it's so bad I have a hard time changing his diaper because his thighs are so ticklish.

-I'm sure I mentioned this before, but Parker is a HUGE snuggler! This is proving to be somewhat of an issue getting him to sleep in his crib.

-Hates his pacifier, but sometimes he won't sleep without it.

-He does this weird sound when he wants me to hold him. If I tried to mimick the sound, it tickles my throat way too much.

Happy 11 months baby boy, I love you so much!!


  1. pretty cool car they get to sit him in. remember when mom and dad would take us to that hair cut place in Smitty's!!! Yeah...I don't know how that named popped into my head, but I sure remember that barber shop that had an old school VHS camera that would video tape your first haircut for like $50.

  2. Haha! I remember Smitty's but not the video tape thing.


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