Friday, November 4, 2011

14 months old!

We've survived another month! I will tell you Parker has learned a new skill that keeps me at my wits end....screaming. Nothing could have ever prepared me for the level of shrill this little guy's voice can reach. If someone is casting a movie that needs a toddler who can scream, this is your guy.


I'm not sure why, or what started Parker screaming. My daughter never screamed like this, she was such a quiet child. My only recourse is to ignore Parker while he is screaming as I absolutely don't want this behavior to continue.

14 month stats

weight: down a couple pounds to 20lbs...probably due to all the walking he does now.
height: no change since last month.
clothing: no change since last month.

Instead of people telling me how big Parker is, now everyone thinks Parker is a 9 month old. He is a pretty small guy. All that major growing he did as a baby has come to a halt.


Parker this month:

-extremely stubborn.
-learned screaming, unfortunately.
-will eat off the table with no hands, must get this from watching the kitties eat.
-loves to share his snacks and is insistent that he feed the snacks to you.


Parker is still nursing though he is slowly weaning himself, he only eats about 3 times during the day and a couple times throughout the night. I was a little worried last month about how I was going to wean him because he seemed to still want to nurse more than eat solids. This month he has made some great progress with weaning all on his own.


-loves to eat yogurt, cereal and his veggie puffs and that's about it. Occasionally he will eat peas, meats and toast.

Though Parker has his off times, he is so loving. He will sit and cuddle with me during the day. He always wants me to read him books. Parker gives the best hugs and kisses. When you walk through the door and he hasn't seen you for awhile, he runs to you smiling. It just melts your heart when he does this.

-has the cutest laugh.
-loves, loves, loves to be outdoors. He would stay outdoors all day long if I let him.
-loves to show you his tongue.


There are so many times I just sit and watch Parker play and I so wish I could know what he was thinking. He gets so intense when he is playing with his toys.


Parker is so enthralled by the world around him, he points to everything in amazement. I think this has a lot to do with why he likes to be outdoors so much. There is a lot more interesting things to look at outside.


Happy 14 months little man! I love you so much.

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