Friday, July 13, 2012

24 week pregnancy update!

How far along: 24 weeks exactly and a big Yay, for viability. It's another milestone that I like to get to. I haven't posted about it, but I was in the OB triage a few weeks back having contractions. It's sad when the Dr. tells you that they can't do too much at this point if the baby decides to come. I know it's the truth, but it's not something that I wanted to hear. I wasn't too thrilled about the whole visit and when I relayed all the information I was told to my OB, she was quite upset.  

Weight gain: I had gained another 2 pounds last week for a total of about 8 pounds.  

Gender: Girl!  

Maternity clothes: Found these AWESOME maternity pants made by Noppies. I could seriously live in these pants. No other changes, with the heat here I pretty much wear pants and a tank top all the time .

Sleep:Sleeping good still, but I have noticed it's taking me longer to relax to get to sleep.  

Movement: She a busy little lady in the late evenings. This is probably why getting to sleep is a struggle, she is rolling all around when I'm trying to get to sleep.  

Food Cravings: No major cravings  

Symptoms: Nausea in the evenings has also returned. I've also been noticing some numbness in my hands and feet. Something I will be bringing up to the nurse that comes by weekly.
Best Moment(s) this Week:Nothing that really stands out, it's been a fairly uneventful week.  

What I am looking forward to: Getting the room started! I hope to get the chevron stripes on the one wall at least drawn out and taped this weekend. I have picked up some frames and some wall letters and did paint those.

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