Friday, July 27, 2012

26 week pregnancy update!


How far along: 26 weeks :D 

Weight gain: No changes in weight, so still at a total weight gain of 8lbs. I feel like I'm carrying A LOT more than that.

Gender: Girl

Maternity clothes: Mainly I'm still wearing maternity jeans/shorts. I have picked up a couple dresses, but I don't quite fill out the belly area and I feel like I look so much bigger when I wear them because of that.


Sleep: Still relatively good. I've been tossing and turning a bit more trying to get comfortable at first, but once I'm asleep I do okay.

Movement: I can tell that she is starting to run out of room by the way she is moving and can now feel when she has the hiccups.

Food Cravings: Peaches and plums! The funny thing is that I was looking back on my posts of my pregnancy with Parker and around the same time I had also craved peaches.

Symptoms: I honestly feel pretty great! My contractions are next to none. I only have heartburn on a few occasions and  my nausea had subsided once again. I think my only issue is quite a bit of pressure "down there" when I walk.  I've been doing my best to take it easy since my OB did put me on modified bed rest. She wants me to be resting 75% of the time and doing what I can to not be lifting Parker too much throughout the day.



It will be a little bit before she wears these, but a couple outfits I made for Eliana.

Best Moment(s) this Week or since last update: If you read my last post you saw that we started the re-decorating for the room Parker will be sharing with Eliana. We picked up the carseat today, which is something I wanted to make sure I had sooner rather than later. Lastly, I have 11 of the 12 newborn diapers finished. I still have to sew all the inserts, but the hardest part is done.

What I am looking forward to: Next ultrasound on Aug 14th!

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