Tuesday, September 25, 2012

34 weeks pregnant: Hospital bed rest & boredom

As you can tell, I didn't last at home very long. I was released from the hospital last Tuesday afternoon and returned Thursday night.

How far along: 34 weeks 4 days

How big is baby: Estimated weight at the last ultrasound on 9/21 was 5lbs 10oz.

Weight gain: Not sure. I haven't been weighed in weeks.

What I'm looking forward to: 36 weeks or when Eliana is born. Whichever comes first.

The current plan:
Hospital bed rest until 36 weeks
Nifedipine (Procardia) 20mg every 4 hours
17P shots weekly
Terbutiline shots as needed

Current labor progression:
2cm dilated, 70% effaced and baby at -3 station

One of the hardest parts of being in the hospital for so long is boredom. Of course boredom makes time drag. Another bad thing about being bored is how easy it is to let yourself get depressed. I start thinking about being home. So what do I do to stay busy all day?

1. Surf the internet....Facebook, Pinterest, Babycenter, blog, and read blogs.

2. Read

3. Watch TV

4.  Put random things on my belly and watch Eliana "play" with them.

5. Play games on the DS

6. Taking random pictures of myself or things in the room.

7. Video record Eliana moving around.

8. When all else fails...take a nap.


  1. I'm so sorry you are on bedrest! I don't have any advise other than to maybe just enjoy the "alone" time.. if at all possible?! Not much longer!

  2. I've seen progression in every post. Your newer posts are simply wonderful compared to your posts in the past. Keep up the good work.

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