Saturday, November 10, 2012

Amazing little man...Parker

I realized that I haven't posted much about Parker lately. I'm sure that is great grandma is wondering how he is doing with all the new changes.

Parker just passed the 26 month mark. Sometimes I forget that he is still so young and still needs so much of my attention. I can't tell you enough of how good of a kid he is. Sure, we have moments where he is out of control... and even that is an understatement, but he is two. He has so many more good moments, than he does bad.

Current stats:
Weight: 26 lbs
Height: approx 33" long
Clothing size: 2T pants, 3/4 shirts
Shoe size: 6/7 wide

Parker talks so much! His newest is when he finds a toy car at a store and looks at you with those big brown eyes and says, "buy it?" Followed by an ever so polite, "please?" It's pretty cute, but the repercussions that come with me having to tell him no, are pretty severe. Usually, with me winding up completely embarrassed in the middle of the store. 

Another cute little story about Parker was when I was eating breakfast, mind you Parker had eaten a BIG breakfast a few minutes prior. Parker sees that what I'm eating looks pretty good and asks me for some. I tell him that it's my breakfast and that he already ate. Parker replies with, "share...please?"

Things Parker loves to do:

 Read, read and more reading.
Watching Caillou or Thomas the Tank.
Anything with or trains. 
Riding the train at the park near our house. 
Playing with his train tracks. 

Favorite things to eat/drink:
Mac N Cheese


Parker and Vanessa are closer than ever. It's amazing that even with a 10 year age difference they are nearly inseparable when together. 
I posted this with Eliana's 2 week update post, but Parker loves his little sister. He is doing so good with being gentle and giving hugs and kisses. I hope Parker and Eliana will eventually be just as close as he is with Vanessa.


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