Monday, November 12, 2012

Eliana is one month old!


Current stats: 
Weight: approx 9lbs (25th percentile)
Height: approx 20.5" long (10th percentile)
Clothing size: newborn
diapers: newborn cloth diapers

At ONE month
Loves mama's milk
Loves cuddling
Loves being swaddled
Loves showers
Loves her swing
Loves to sleep
Loves to be talked and sang to
Her nicknames are Ellie, Little Miss and Miss E. 
Eliana is a great baby. She sleeps great, is always content, and makes having three kids a breeze. At least for now. Honestly, she barely cries. She makes a few squeaks here and there when she wants your attention. 


Eliana loves noise...she sleeps even better when I'm vacuuming, sewing or when Parker is running around the house laughing. Once it's too quiet, she usually starts to stir. 
Eliana eats every 2-3 hours, a little more often right before bedtime. She goes to sleep around 7pm. Eliana will get a little cranky if we try to push that to a later time. She loves her sleep. She will take up 2-3 times in the night for feeding or changing, but will wake up fully at around 7am.  

She does pretty good holding up her head when she is laying on our chest (with us sitting at an incline.) It's a little tougher for her when she is flat on the floor. Most of the time she is doing tummy time using the boppy pillow.


She will sometimes smile when I talk to her and I've heard her laughing in her sleep when Parker is singing in the background. I'm thinking she loves Parker's voice. 

It's been a wonderful month and we are looking forward to more adventures to come! 

Love you so much Eliana.

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