Monday, December 17, 2012

Eliana is 2 months old!

We have been busy wrapping things up for the BIG move to Montreal in only 16 days! Though I've been taking a lot of pictures, Eliana's 2 month post is a little late.

Current stats: 
Weight: 11 lbs (25-50th percentile)
Height: 22.25" long (25-50th percentile)
Clothing size: 0-3 months tops//3-6 month pants
diapers: newborn cloth diapers

We are still waiting for Eliana's "official" 2 month appointment. We recently switched back to our old pediatrician and it delayed her appointment a little bit. I'm excited to be back with our former pediatrician(even if it's only for a couple visits), he is an amazing doctor. 


...still has the bluest eyes and some gorgeous long eye lashes.
...has the lightest hair out of all three kids when they were this age.


...loves to gnaw on her hands. 
...loves to play with her tongue.
 ...loves to kick things with her feet.
...loves her bouncy chair and her swing.


...rolls over from belly to back. 
(has rolled from back to belly once, I think it was by accident though)
...grabs her for her toys.
...holds her head up pretty good. Not quite 100% steady, but she is close. 


...coos all the time. I LOVE hearing this sooo much! us the cutest and biggest smiles. It melts my heart.
...she has some of the cutest and funniest expressions.


...she's a pretty good sleeper. She wakes up a couple times a night to nurse, but I'd say it's more like dream feeding. She never fully wakes up at all.
...she is still exclusively nursing. in our room.


Love you my little "lana" xoxoxo

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