Friday, July 12, 2013

Color Me Rad Montreal 2013!!

We have been busy!! I know I have said this before, but I really thought this, "not having a car," would slow us down a little bit. We are still moving around the city all the time. Montreal is so AMAZING! So many places I want to see and visit. We can actually do things outside during the summer. I'm being told that the humid heat is still to come, but right now we are enjoying being outdoors.

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Last month we decided to participate in the, "Color Me Rad," race. Originally, I had planned to participate in the Tough Mudder Run, but the cost to be in that was way more than we could afford. The nice thing about the Color Me Rad race is that kids were allowed to join at no cost!

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The race was held at the Esplanade Financiere Sun Life. The building you see in this picture is the Montreal Tower. Something I didn't know until I started writing this post, the Montreal Tower is the tallest inclined tower in the world! The Montreal Tower is 165 meters high and sits at a 45 degree angle. Just to compare the Tower of Pisa is 56m high and only leans at a 5 degree angle. The tower  is stunning up close.  It's hard to see the angle in the picture I took because took it on the wrong side.

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We had a few of our friends join us! This race is better the more people you are with and I recommend you buy lots of extra color packs. We were one of the last people to cross the finish line and we never received our free one at the end.  Plus it's fun to have "color" fights throughout the race. 

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Throughout the race they had "color stations" where they would blast you with color packs. Some would be a mix of water and the color. The race was nearly sold out by the time we signed up so we have to choose the last group to go with. Next year, I'm going to sign up early and choose an earlier group. That way if we are really slow, we won't miss seeing all the color stations along the way.

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 photo colormeradpage_zps883dbffb.jpg

I can't wait to do this race again next year!

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