Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wittle People Wednesday: Parker's Wonka invitations and an update!

Can you believe it?!? Parker will be three in a little over one month!! We took the kids to the park to take some pictures. My wonderful Parker was being silly as always when he sees the camera come out. I couldn't resist sharing some of the "blooper" photos from our little session.

 photo birthdayinviteblooperphotos_zpsc0c5926f.jpg

Just a small update on his stats! Parker had a small growth spurt length wise in the past few months. He still seems to be hovering between 26-27lbs. Crazy he has been at this weight for almost a year now!

Current stats @ 34.5 months: 

Weight: 27lbs  (5-10th percentile) 
 Height: 37" long (25-50th percentile) 
Clothing size: Wears 3T/4T
 Shoe size: size 9
 photo birthdayinviteblooperphotos2_zps33ca5d1e.jpg
 photo birthdayinvitephotos2_zpsc0bcfbcf.jpg
I purchased the template for this invitation from this blog. When I saw the invite I HAD to have it. Within this blog post there is a button that says "buy it." Click on that button to purchase the invite. It cost $2.50 for the template. I was able to make edits to the actual invite using the free PDF software call Foxit reader. The Adobe reader wouldn't let me make any changes, so that is why I used Foxit instead. The invites were printed locally at a print shop. They did an amazing job!!

 photo photo1_zpscc167ddb.jpg

 photo birthdayinviteblooperphotos5_zpsb69808c3.jpg

 photo birthdayinviteblooperphotos4_zpsf01e393c.jpg

I'm seriously overly excited for this party! Willy Wonka is a show I've loved to watch for as long as I can remember. Parker now watches this movie nearly every day. He randomly sings the songs as he is playing in his room. He calls every piece of paper a "golden ticket." He is as obsessed as I am.

 photo birthdayinviteblooperphotos3_zps041794ec.jpg

Finally, I was able to get a couple cute photos I could use to send with the invites!

 photo birthdayinvitephotos_zps37c10cf9.jpg

 photo birthdayinvitephotos3_zpsb4779dc0.jpg

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