Monday, January 13, 2014

Eliana is 15 months old!

Didn't she just turn one? I didn't even have time to get her 12 month post up, lol! Holidays always make the time fly by...

Weight: 18.5lbs (< 5th percentile) 
 Height:  30.5" long (25th-50th percentile) 
Clothing size: Wears 12-18mo clothing
  Shoe size: 4.5-5
 photo Eliana7_zpsf2ceec3f.jpg
Words she is uses:
Sessa (Nessa/Sister)
Papar (Parker)
Titi (kitty)
Tan tu (thank you)
Choo choo (when she sees a train)
wuv u (I love you)
uh oh
 photo Eliana1814_3_zps650a65d5.jpg

Signs she does:

all done

 photo Eliana1814_zpsf04fa206.jpg
At 15 months;
...Eliana is starting to eat more solids and she's doing really good at using a spoon or fork to eat. She loves a lot of different foods, so far. As long as she can dip it in ranch dressing, she will eat it.
...she is still nursing quite often and through the night. Now that she's starting to eat more solids I'm hoping that the night time nursing sessions will stop.  
...we are working on getting Eliana to sleep on her crib mattress on the floor in our room and will hopefully move her to sleeping in the crib in her and Parker's room over the next few months. 
...has 4 more teeth. 4 molars broke through the gums during the holidays for a total of 12 teeth. Teething makes her very clingy so I'm happy they finally broke the gums.

 photo Eliana1814_2_zps80bac382.jpg
...her eyes are really taking on more of a gray/blue color. If you look closely she has a lot of different colors in her eyes. can see from the pictures that her hair has a lot of curl to it. It's starting to get a little darker, but still a lighter brown with reddish undertones. 
...she lost a couple pounds the last three months. At her 12 month appointment she was 20.5lbs and now she's down to 18.5lbs. It probably has to due with being so active and hardly eating. She looks healthy, so we aren't too concerned. 

 photo Eliana1814_5_zps668799c4.jpg

...Eliana climbs on EVERYTHING! The TV stand, tables, chairs, couches,! We are looking into getting a climbing toy for the front room to help redirect her from climbing on things she shouldn't. Maybe I will look into getting her and Parker into a gymnastics class too.
...Eliana LOVES to dance and will even sing. Just garbled words, but she's trying. 
...Eliana LOVES anything that Parker does. He does great 95% of the time though Parker gets pretty annoyed when she continually rips apart his train tracks.
 photo Eliana6_zpsc4d77e98.jpg
She has such an amazing, silly, happy and loving personality. She is my little cuddle bug!
Happy 15 months lil' miss!! We love you so very much!

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