Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sewing, sewing and more sewing!

I've actually taken a little break from selling my items and as you can see it has been a little bit since I have been able to post. It can get a little stressful sewing for customers and I always need a good vacation from selling to  sew things for myself, family or close friends. Always projects I can never get done when I'm selling my wares.

Anyhow, this is Eliana modeling a couple of the new dresses I made for her. Can you believe how big she is getting? She turned 16 months this past week and has changed so much!

If you are interested, similar dresses and outfits will be available for sale in my ETSY shop later this week.

Bohemian Baby Couture

 photo Newdress6_zps1ec01913.jpg
This dress is one of my new favorites and you will probably see me making more of these. The dress is made from the peppermint swirl pattern by Candy Castle Patterns

 photo TiffanyampCoinspireddress_zpsbf4b96ed.jpg
This is my Tiffany & Co inspired dress. Eliana has a couple Tiffany & Co. bows that I bought and never anything to wear them with.

 photo beachcomberoutfit2_zps7b2d2fe3.jpg
A cute little beach comber top and ruffle capris. Getting ready to welcome in some warmer spring weather!

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