Saturday, May 8, 2010

19 weeks

I was late posting my last weekly update so that included all of my ultrasound information, which was this past Monday. Thursday my OB recieved the results from the ultrasound and called to move my next appointment up to review the ultrasounds. She said Parker looked very healthy, all the organs are there, brain looks good, hands, legs, head and feet look great. She wanted to talk to me about him being breech, not sure why since it's so early. She also wanted to talk to me about his growth since he is much bigger than the due date. Maybe she will change it? Who knows.

We finalized the theme and plans for the baby shower, we decided to do a co-ed baby BBQ. My wonderful aunt is hosting it at her house, and my wonderful friend is making this awesome cake, I'm so excited. My wonderful mother-in-law is coming into town at the end of the month and we want to make sure that we do everything we can to include her in all the baby stuff since she lives in Idaho. I had tossed around some ideas of throwing a mother/father blessing type shower but in the end I just want some close family members and friends to share in our excitement and it also kicks off the summer for most of the kids too.

The idea came from a member of BBC who sort of felt the same way as me about baby showers and she thought she would be doing a BBQ, so I did a search for Baby BBQ's and found this blog with a cute Baby BBQ idea. I did make my own invites due to time constraints(it's in 3 weeks) but I mimicked some of the idea from hers just a different design. I attached a picture of the front and back of the invite.

Time to make: 2-3 hrs(depends on how good you are with MSWord)
Total cost: $9.59 for 20(full color prints front and back) incl. 18 direction cards. I did bring my cardstock to Kinko's instead of the regular paper they use.

How far along: 19 weeks(going by 10/3 edd)
Weight gain: 5 pounds
Stretch marks: No changes
Symptoms: a little tired but feeling pretty good
Sleep: still very little sleep
Best Moment this Week: Finalized the baby shower stuff and finished the invites. My MIL is coming in town in 3 weeks and we are having a close friend and family get together more than a baby shower.
Food Cravings: Nothing really this week
Labor Signs: BH only
Belly Button in or out?: In
Wedding rings on or off?: On but getting tighter
Movement: Lot's of movement, he's a busy little guy
Milestones: My hubby felt him kick from the outside this week....yay!

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  1. oh fun!! I know daisy is really hoping vanessa can make it next saturday the 22nd, so if you need help with transportation let me know and i'd be happy to pick her up (maybe friday night and do sleepover) or take her home, if need be. your page is so cute!! just found it today. :) Joanna


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