Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The stash so far...

I bought some boy clothes after the NT scan ultrasound, even though they weren't 100% sure it was a boy. Then after the gender scan I bought quite a few more. I love onesies and you can't have to many of those. My daughter wore those almost exclusively, especially here in AZ with the warmer weather. The first outfit is from Picaflor, that is the outfit we chose for the going home outfit, atleast for now unless I find a cuter one. It is so cute, has matching pants and there is the cutest teddy bear style beanie hat.

We are going to cloth diaper, I have been sewing already and have made 4 all in one diapers so far. I also made a "not so flat" diaper but didnt picture that one yet. I purchased 1 fitted diaper and 2 covers from a local boutique. I have also purchased a few more diapers from an online swap. I will be very excited to get those :D All in all we have a long way to go to complete the diaper stash. We want to have about 2 dozen all in ones, fitted, flats, and covers total before Parker arrives.

edit: I decided I really don't like the "Not so flat diaper" bleh. It's funky to use and no way my hubby could figure it out. I decided to download a One size pocket diaper and see how I liked it. It was easy to sew, maybe 20 minutes tops, and I love it...so far. I have to use a waterproof cover but, I'm very much ok with that. I have to sew so many more and the newest pattern I have will accomodate many sizes(which means less sewing), so I will be able to use them as Parker grows. The other ones I have sewn so far are size specific instead of a one size diaper.

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