Monday, March 14, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday- Daytrip to Tucson

I'm so behind on posting on my blog, but one thing I love to do every week no matter what is Scavenger Hunt Sunday...yeah yeah I know it's Monday...again, and the 3rd week in a row I'm late to post this.

I didn't have anytime to edit these too much, but I would never post if I did that. So these are raw photos :)

1. Vanishing Point

We spent this past Saturday in Tucson and decided to go visit the San Xavier Mission. It is such a beautiful place to take photographs. Here Parker is sitting in one of the pews.

2. Square Crop

3. Under

During our Tucson day trip we hiked part of Picacho Peak, nearby was an Ostrich farm with the monster truck. Here is Parker sitting in the hub of one of the monster truck wheels. I actually woke up Parker so he would take pictures. I know, never wake a sleeping baby...except to take a photo you may never have a chance to take again!( I added a second picture so you could get an idea of the size of the truck compared to Parker, can you find him?)

4. "Welcome to the Jungle"
Parker trying on his new bunny hat and diaper cover we received in the mail today. We will be using this for his Easter pictures. I'm so addicted to these hats!

5. Calm


I love this photo, it looks like Parker is praying.

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  1. These are great - I especially love your last two shots!


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